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Disneyland Article
Peter Pan Flight Reopens At Disneyland

Source:Orange County Register
Author:Joseph Pimentel
Dateline:June 30, 2015
Posted:July 7, 2015
Peter Pan's Flight
Peter Pan's Flight
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Visitors can fly over London and Neverland again.

After a seven-month hiatus, an enhanced version of one of Disneyland's original rides is back along with Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, Wendy, Captain Hook and Smee.

The Peter Pan's Flight attraction re-opens today, boasting new special effects and animation.

"Hopefully, it's the type of magical effect you've never seen before and wonder how we did it," said Larry Nikolai, creative director at Walt Disney Imagineering.

The enhanced Peter Pan's Flight has been two years in the making for Disney imagineers. The ride closed in January and was to re-open in May along with other enhanced attractions such as the Haunted Mansion and the Matterhorn Bobsleds.

However, imagineers found tinkering with a 60-year-old ride difficult. Nikolai said the team had some challenges installing the new technology into the old ride system.

"The building has been there since 1955, and when you start digging into it you find all kinds of interesting things," he said. "So sometimes what you had planned has to be tweaked a little bit to make it fit in there."

Riders hop aboard a "ship" that gives the appearance of it taking off and flying. In the nursery scene, Wendy and the kids now fly, instead of being planted in bed. London and Neverland appear brighter, looking like city lights from an airplane. All of the characters and sets have been brightened up, too.

"Neverland itself has been updated with new colors and animated waterfall and volcano effects," Nikolai said. "The ocean surrounding the island is animated, and sharp-eyed guests will spot the crocodile hungrily circling Captain Hook's ship. ...

"The nice thing with Peter Pan is we are still respecting the original attraction," Nikolai said. "We still have elements of the original 1955 attraction in the current attraction. It's the same layout. We just added new technology to that same storytelling."

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