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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Haunted Mansion Closes To Prep For Halloween

Source:Orange County Register
Author:Joseph Pimentel
Dateline:August 24, 2015
Posted:September 4, 2015
Space Mountain
Space Mountain
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Ghosts are coming back to Space Mountain. And Jack Skellington and the rest of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" crew are taking over the Haunted Mansion.

But before those attractions can take on their Halloween season look, they will shut down for a bit.

The Haunted Mansion closed today for nearly three weeks so the popular attraction can get its semi-spooky makeover. Called the "Haunted Mansion Holiday," with Jack Skellington as Santa Claws, that overlay of the ride will re-open Sept. 11, a Friday.

It will include Mr. Oogie Boogie and nightmarish toys that replace the three hitchhiking ghosts. "Nightmare Before Christmas" character portraits will be decorated along the hallway that leads from the stretching room to the doom buggy vehicles. And Jack's ghoulish girl, Sally, will appear in place of the bride at the attraction's exit.

One thing that won't change: The Hatbox Ghost, which mysteriously disappeared (seriously - it's unclear why this character all of a sudden was gone from the Haunted Mansion) for 45 years and reappeared recently; it will remain in the mansion for the Halloween season as well.

Space Mountain, which will transform into Ghost Galaxy, an annual Halloween overlay that features video effects of ghosts and a spooky soundtrack, will shutter Sept. 6 and re-open on Sept. 11.

Disney officials also said that the Pirates of the Caribbean will undergo a minor refurbishment unrelated to Halloween; it will close on Sept. 14 and re-open Sept. 30.

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