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Disneyland Article
Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin Mouse

Author:Sarahi Fernandez
Dateline:October 28, 2015
Posted:October 31, 2015
Haunted Mansion
Haunted Mansion
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The magic continues at Disneyland's Halloween Time which brings a spook-tacular twist to the beloved southern California park.

Disneyland works to bring different elements to its Halloween Time festivities each year and feature new special additions. Some are found inside the Haunted Mansion or as Disney has done this year, an afterlife spin on Space Mountain.

These pumpkins and ghouls galore, however, don't come together over night. It takes the effort of thousands to bring all the magic to the masses.

"In some departments the work continues all year because we're working to bring together elements like the Haunted Mansion and Mickey's Halloween Party," said John McClintock, a Disney public relations representative. "Every year there are different elements that make the celebration special in some way or another."

According to McClintock, building and construction typically takes four to six months.

Halloween Time stands unique among other theme parks in southern California. Compared to Knott's Scary Farm and Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Disneyland falls quite short on spooks and screams of the heart-stopping kind.

"Our Halloween experience is not as necessarily as scary as other Halloween events. It has the kind of elements that are scary to some people, sure, like Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy. Otherwise, it's a very family friendly Halloween celebration. You go trick-or-treating at Disneyland as a child, it's an upbeat family-friendly experience," McClintock said.

These theme park Halloween experiences stand on opposite sides of the spectrum, where Disney falls short on ghastly scares, they have in excess of spirit.

As you enter Disneyland, you instantly become overwhelmed with Halloween cheer, almost in the way you become overwhelmed with the Halloween edition of Better Homes and Gardens-it's so aesthetically pleasing.

When you walk toward Disneyland Park, the first thing you see is the huge pumpkin decorations carved out in the shape of Mickey and friends lining the cast iron entrance to the park.

That only slightly prepares you for what's inside the park. As you walk in you're instantly bombarded with pumpkins galore. At the center of Main Street USA sits a larger-than-life pumpkin carving of a Mickey Mouse head, surrounded by hues of oranges and browns, creating an atmosphere that just makes you want to scream pumpkin spice latte.

If that isn't enough, as you continue to wander through the park, you'll run into some very festive decor. The Halloween tree located in Frontierland is one of the more interesting decorations inside the park and is based on the 1972 Ray Bradbury novel the Halloween Tree.

"This time of the season really offers people an opportunity to experience the park in a unique way," McClintock said.

Disneyland during Halloween resembles a fall festival more than anything else and that's the charm of it. The experience is well worth it and maybe you can dine on a special Halloween Mickey themed candied apple.

Halloween Time will run until Nov. 1. Holidays at Disneyland will start Nov. 13.

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