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Disneyland Article
Disney Wants To Make Theme Park Rides Controlled By Your Emotions

Author:Clarisse Loughrey
Dateline:February 1, 2017
Posted:February 9, 2017
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Disney has filed a patent for theme park rides that can be controlled by your emotions.

Titled, 'Sensing and Managing Vehicle Behaviour Based on Occupant Awareness', the patent seeks to develop technology which can read the facial expressions of riders, determining their emotions and customising the experience around those emotions.

Bored? Your vehicle may suddenly speed up, or start spinning like crazy. A little too excited? Then your vehicle can ease up a little, because imagine the utopia of a theme park with zero vomit.

"The technology would allow rides to adjust show content appropriate for pre-teens, teenagers or adults; or for thrill-seeking and non thrill-seeking passengers," the patent reads "The control system may also operate the vehicle to address (e.g. even solve in some cases) motion sickness issues for passengers such as by adjusting speed or movement patterns of a vehicle."

The patent describes changes to the ride experience could also be made according to previously filled out questionnaires, in which the guest would lay out their expectations for their visit; with Disneyland already installing technology that can identify individual riders through the use of Disney's MagicBands, a kind of wearable ID device.

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