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I Smoked Pot With Cinderella Ex-Employees Reveal What It Is Like To Work At Disneyland

Dateline:June 1, 2017
Posted:June 8, 2017
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It is often referred to as the happiest place on earth, but these Disney Resort employees might argue that isn't always the case.

In a new thread on secret sharing app Whisper, people claiming to be Disneyland employees have been revealing behind-the-scenes secrets of the world's best loved theme park.

Making use of the app's anonymity the employees, both past and present, spared no detail of the park's inner-workings.

Many of the confessions came from characters who told how acting in a non-fairytale appropriate fashion - like cursing fellow characters or drug use - swiftly resulted in a one-way ticket out of the park.

"I work at Disney World and every day before my shift I drink liquor to help make me more cheerful for the children," revealed one staff member.

In other cases the employee's dismissal seemed less reasonable, with people claiming to have been fired for gaining weight or for refusing to serve alcohol to a pregnant woman.

Another said he played the role of Prince Eric [of The Little Mermaid] in Disney parades for five years until he was fired "for doing porn on the side".

Another frank confession came from a Disney worker who claimed to have "smoked pot with Cinderella", while another disgruntled employee's submission was just a straightforward moan: "I work at Disney, and 'have a magical day' is mouse for 'go **** yourself'".

A woman who claimed to have played the role of Princess Jasmine, from Aladdin, at Disneyland, said she had been fired for "gaining 5 pounds".

Her's wasn't the only tale of terminated employment - others claimed to have been fired variously for "punching Elsa in the face" and calling Ariel a "stupid b****".

Another former employee had no regrets after being given their marching orders, posting on the thread that it was "quite possibly the best thing that ever happened to me".

"'I made out with one of my coworkers once," a man revealed on the thread. "A family with five little kids walked by and one said 'Mom, why is the prince kissing Flynn Rider?' We both got fired".

Another said she would occasionally say yes to men who offered her money for "private meetings" while she was working at Disneyland, "til I got caught smuggling my costume & was fired".

Other sackings reportedly came after ex-employees were caught accidentally selling alcohol to a minor, giving free churros to their friends, or simply for having too many tattoos.

Some people claimed to still be working at the park, but were frank about the reasons it's not exactly their dream job.

"I actually really dislike children and smoke weed frequently," said one, while a Disney prince told how he and "one of the princesses get high after work".

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