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Disneyland Article
Man Visits Disneyland For 2000th Straight Day

Source:Fox News
Author:Katie Tschopp
Dateline:June 22, 2017
Posted:July 2, 2017
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He just may be the happiest man at the Happiest Place on Earth.

Huntington Beach resident Jeff Reitz visited Disneyland Thursday-- for the 2000th day straight!

Fox 11 was there as Reitz walked through the turnstiles Thursday morning marking the feat that's an unofficial record at the Anaheim park.

The Air Force veteran says the feat will probably land him a Guinness World Record, something that wasn't originally the plan.

Reitz got an annual pass as a gift when he was unemployed. He used in every single day in 2012. Now, he's fully employed, but still visits the park every single day. 2000 straight days at the park-- or 5 and a half years! And he's got the parking tickets to prove it.

"It's been a positive, it's been a motivator, it's been my workout gym. This past year I've lost about 40 lbs." Reitz says.

Reitz pays for it all with an annual pass.

He's got quite the following on social media, and he's obviously the envy of quite a few kids.

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