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Disneyland Article
Weird World Of Disneyland

Dateline:June 24, 2017
Posted:July 2, 2017
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Disney theme parks really are Mickey Mouse at times, a new thread for employees of the entertainment giant reveals.

Reddit user voxangelikus asked: "Disneyworld/land employees, what is the most bizarre thing you've seen at work?"

Some of the employees confessions are downright shocking.

Alice in Wonderland and Minnie Mouse as chainsmokers? Snow White engaged in a torrid love triangle?

But it isn't just the fabled Disney roster of frogs, princesses, dwarves and demons that caught workers' attention.

One employee revealed he saw a baby dangled from a ride for a foolish photo op.

Here are some of the highlights:

"My mom worked at Disneyland in the 1970s. She went in the bathroom once and one of the three little pigs was on his back rolling around and the Big Bad Wolf was standing over him yelling, "You stay away from her!' Both had a thing for Snow White."

"The day you're backstage and see Minnie Mouse pop off her head and light up a smoke is a game changer."

"A family attacked Pluto. Pushed her into the fountain. Later Pluto told me the family was mad she had to take her break after they wanted a picture. Pluto broke her arm or leg and the family was arrested."

"Worked at Club Cool at EPCOT. Had a father drop his daughter's pants in out store - and let her pee."

"While I was working on Dumbo, these drunk people removed their infant from the seat belt and held the baby like Simba outside of the carriage while the ride was 18 feet in the air so their other drunk friends could take picture of them doing it."

And, Disney XXX: one hooker found she did a good trade at Disney. Every hour she would go with a different man on the monorail.

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