Starting with our series2014 DVD Box set you will receive 1 free Chapter 8 update DVD for free.

Here is how it works:

If you purchased series2014 box set: starting July 2015 you can download a series2015 Chapter 8 update disc.
If you purchased series2015 box set: starting July 2016 you can download a series2016 Chapter 8 update disc.
If you purchased series2016 box set: starting July 2017 you can download a series2017 Chapter 8 update disc.

You must be logged in to download the file.
The disk image a ISO format file.
The file is around 4G.

If you are logged in AND are eligible for the current DVD update you will see a download image below:
Download Not Available
Sorry Download Not Available

You need to:



Purchase A Chapter 8 Update DVD


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to download the Chapter 8 Update DVD
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