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Disneyland Article
Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Return

Source:NBC Bay Area
Author:Alysia Gray Painter
Dateline:January 16, 2017
Posted:January 27, 2017
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SEMI-SERIOUS QUESTION: Which is greater, the number of blinking bulbs in the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland Resort or the number of times the parade's synth-sweet theme song has looped through your brain since you first saw it, live, at the Anaheim theme park? It's might be difficult to pin down, for A) there are thousands upon thousand of sources of illumination covering the parade vehicles and B) the nighttime event's theme is a pop culture icon in large part for its ability to get charmingly stuck deep inside your head. You'll have a chance, though, to weigh both considerations again, for something rather special is blinking on the horizon: The return of the legendary after-sundown spectacle to the place where it started back in the early '70s. It was right in the middle of...

JUNE 1972 when the post-dark parade kicked off, and while it has popped up in Florida in the past, Golden State fans have been eager for its California comeback. It wrapped up at Disney California Adventure in April of 2010, but it is back, at Disneyland, starting on Friday, Jan. 20. All of the illumination, all of the characters, and that theme, an especially upbeat take on the upbeat "Baroque Hoedown," shall be a part of the Main Street party. But it is a party that has an end date, and an end date that'll approach faster than a lit-up dragon: June 18, 2017. You got it, that is the 45th anniversary, which'll make its farewell extra bittersweet. Best see it during its five-month stay in Orange County, and feel good, in your heart, that even after it wraps, you'll still be humming the delightful "da da da daaaa da daaaa" theme song.

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