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Disneyland Article
Rare Drawings From Museum Of Weird Walt Disney Vision For Haunted Mansion Go To Auction First Time In Disney History

Haunted Mansion
April 14, 2018
April 21, 2018
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On Saturday, April 28, 2018, Van Eaton Galleries located in Sherman Oaks, California will auction some of the only known original concept artwork of "The Museum of the Weird," part of Walt Disney's original idea for Disneyland's iconic "Haunted Mansion" attraction. The artwork, created by one of Walt's original Imagineers, Rolly Crump, was part of a planned walk-through at the end of the attraction and illustrates Walt's idea for the backstory to the mansion. When Walt Disney died, this original idea was abandoned although it remains one of the most popular parts of the Haunted Mansion's history and has even had a comic book made about it. As a part of Walt's original idea for the legendary attraction it has become an important part of the history of the park.

"Walt gathered everyone in for a meeting and went on to explain his idea for the "Museum of the Weird." "He had the idea that the backstory for the attraction was that the fictitious owner of the "Mansion" had traveled all over the world and collected the weirdest and strangest things he could find. He then brought them to the "museum". "Guests would have to exit through the museum on the way out of the attraction." said Rolly Crump, the creator of the concept drawings and one of Walt's original Imagineers. "I thought that was a great idea, and as Walt was leaving he turned to me and said "God, I'm really looking forward to the Museum of the Weird!"

These rare and original concept drawings have never been offered at auction before and a photo of Walt Disney viewing the drawings is included. The story of the "Museum of the Weird" is an unusual Disney story and one that has not been fully explored, until now.

Other rare highlights added to the highly anticipated auction include the original "It's a Small World" fa├žade model complete with images of Walt Disney holding a section of the model. Imagineer Rolly Crump used these models to create the attraction building for Disneyland (Estimate: $15,000-$20,000) Original concept drawings that Crump showed to Walt Disney in 1963 for his approval for the pre-show area of the attraction are being offered as well as clothing, props like a "Tangaroa Baby Prop" and "Fountain Shield" and hundreds of other items significant to Disneyland history. Overall, there are 12 original concept drawings from various attractions by Rolly Crump included in the over 400 lot auction.

Van Eaton Galleries is one of the world's premier original animation art and collectibles galleries. The Gallery is located in Sherman Oaks, California and specializes in unique original animation artwork. Established in 1994, the gallery offers distinct collections from the world of animation and special exhibits and events for collectors, fans, and guests from around the globe. The gallery's regular operating hours for the public are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6pm. Van Eaton Galleries has offered such collections as The Story of Disneyland, Collecting Disney, and Walt Disney's Disneyland, as well as original animation artwork from Disney, Warner Bros., Dreamworks, Hanna-Barbera, Don Bluth and many other studios.
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