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Disneyland Article
Parties Are Materializing For The Haunted Mansions 50Th

Haunted Mansion
NBC Los Angeles
Alysia Gray Painter
April 18, 2019
April 26, 2019
There are Disneyland Resort events, those official, in-park happenings created by the Disney team for guests visiting The Happiest Place on Earth to enjoy.

There are the unofficial events that pop up at the Anaheim destination, the ones that find fans gathering to dress in vintage finery - hello, Dapper Day - or pay homage to a focus of the fandom.

And then there are those Disney-devoted goings-on that happen elsewhere, all to acknowledge a particular ride or attraction or character that a particular group of people particularly adore.

And the Haunted Mansion?

You could say that the legendary ride's fans way, way outnumber the attraction's famous "999 Happy Haunts."

In fact, the planet's best-known haunted house ride has inspired documentaries, Disneybounding costumes, and a host of spirited merch. And, of course, those regulars who must commune with it often, including the people who have to return, each fall, for its annual overlay, Haunted Mansion Holiday.

So lower the lights, turn up the flickering candles, and rattle your chains: Everyone's favorite Doombuggie'd destination is turning 50 in August 2019, and the unofficial, beyond-the-park parties are already revving up, with tickets on sale now.

Two Fullerton festivities to keep in mind?

There's a Fullerton to-do that'll be helmed by the people from DoomBuggies, on Aug. 9. The "night of spooky fun" is called Soiree from Regions Beyond.

And on Sept. 28?

A Swinging Wake'll summon all sorts of Haunted Mansion-related celebrities to Fullerton, including Disney legend Bob Gurr, for an evening of costumes, live music, and a buffet dinner.

Haunted Orange County is the eerie outfit behind this fall-starter of a shindig, and tickets are gettable as of springtime, boo. (That's a ghostly "boo," not a sad "boo," of course.)

As for what's happening at the Halloween-loving expo Midsummer Scream?

Best catch a ride to Long Beach with your favorite Hitchhiking Ghost for a full-on panel devoted to the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary.

"A Chilling Legacy: 50 Years of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion" materializes on Saturday, Aug. 3, and will include appearances by a number of major Disney notables.

Also notable? There's a second event, that night, at the expo, called "The Grim Grinning Gala." For sure, you'll probably see some Haunted Mansion Brides, as well as more than one Madame Leota, with or without her crystal ball.

Producer Don Hahn will also offer live commentary during a screening of the film inspired by the Haunted Mansion.

What else will shimmer into being on this mortal plane, ahead of the Haunted Mansion's 50th anniversary?

Stay tuned, spirits of Southern California, and keep an ear out for hinges creaking in doorless chambers and strange and frightening sounds, echoing through the halls.
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