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Disneyland Trivia
What was the name of the apothecary shop that was located on Main Street in the 60's and 70's?:Show/Hide

Did Henry Kissinger work from time to time selling popcorn at Disneyland?:Show/Hide

How many people visit Disneyland each day and how much money does Disneyland take in each day?:Show/Hide

What is the name of the little furry flying long-tailed creature from the movie Captain EO?:Show/Hide

How did the saying 'Now that you've won, what are you going to do next?' 'I'm going to Disneyland!' get started?:Show/Hide

In 'America the Beautiful' there is a scene where a fireman is driving the back of a ladder truck down a street. Where was it filmed?:Show/Hide

What was the busiest day in Disneyland history?:Show/Hide

Who was in the first bobsled down the Matterhorn?:Show/Hide

Was there ever helicopter service available to Disneyland?:Show/Hide

How many bears were there in The Country Bear Jamboree?:Show/Hide

Who bought the Disneyland sign that stood from 1989 until 1999 and how much did he pay for it?:Show/Hide

Do you remember the hibernating bear which snored in the cave around the area where Splash Mountain is now. What was his name?:Show/Hide

What was the name of this Attraction?:Show/Hide

What and Where is this in Disneyland?:Show/Hide

Since 1961 Tinker Bell glides down a cable from the top of The Matterhorn to the top of Sleeping Beauty's Castle each evening. What was the name and age of the first Tinker Bell.:Show/Hide

What was the name and age of the Tinker Bell that replaced Tiny Kline?:Show/Hide

What is the average amount of money each person spent at Disneyland in 1957?:Show/Hide

What is Disneyland's street address?:Show/Hide

Who owned most of the Disneyland property before Walt Disney bought it?:Show/Hide

How old was Walt Disney when he dedicated Disneyland?:Show/Hide

What is the official name of the Swiss Family/Tarzan Tree House tree?:Show/Hide

One of the horses on King Arthurs Carrousel has a gold tooth why?:Show/Hide

Why is one spire on Sleeping Beauty's Castle (on the left in the picture above) not plated with gold like the others?:Show/Hide

How did Walt Disney's parents pick out Walt's name?:Show/Hide

What were the names of the first two paying customers of Disneyland?:Show/Hide

Walt Disney owned 286,000 shares of Disney Stock how much was this stock worth when Walt died?:Show/Hide

On the Disneyland sign over Main Street Station what was the 'Population' on Opening Day?:Show/Hide

What was the name of the first Disneyland Ambassador to the World?:Show/Hide

Who is this person?:Show/Hide

What was the name of the circus before it came to Disneyland as Mickey Mouse Club Circus?:Show/Hide

In the 1950's what did it cost to produce the Disneyland Souvenir Guide and how much was it sold for?:Show/Hide

What were the names of the sections in the old Disneyland Parking Lot?:Show/Hide

How many people worked at Disneyland in 1955?:Show/Hide

You have heard the term 'Nine Old Men', who were the 'Nine Old Men'?:Show/Hide

Can you name the original WED Imagineers?:Show/Hide

Michael Crichton was inspired to write this film after a trip to Disneyland, where he saw the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and was impressed by the animatronic characters. What was the movie?:Show/Hide

Where was this 'building' in Disneyland and what was it?:Show/Hide

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