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August 15, 2019
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This month we present:
A video of the Mickeys Mix Magic..
The video is 10 minutes and 43 seconds long and taken in 2019.
Exclusive Article

Some of you may have attended one of my many presentations at D23 or Disneyana Fan Club events over the past twenty years. My brother, David, has joined me as we walked the attendees through the wonderful life we had growing up in a celebrity family and Disneyland. Dad owned his own restaurant in Frontierland from 1957 to 1962 – a most unusual part of the Park’s history. Well, now I’ve got a new book by the same title with far more fun stuff than we could squeeze into a 45 minute presentation.
Disneyland In The News
Disneyland Railroad Breaks Down Forcing Evacuation And Stranding Engine

The Disneyland Railroad broke down over the weekend forcing the Anaheim theme park to evacuate riders from the passenger cars and stranding the disabled engine on a train trestle over the entrance to Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge. The Ward Kimball steam engine blew an axle on Sunday afternoon and guests were evacuated, according to Disneyland officials. The passenger cars were disconnected from the disabled engine and pulled back to New Orleans Square. Social media posts

Disneyland Has A Secret Leprechaun Have You Spotted Him

The little man of Disneyland is very rarely seen, But keep a sharp eye open and you 'll spy just where he 's been, A tiny hat, a little pipe - he leaves them lying around, But don 't think you can catch him ‘cos he barely makes a sound. So here 's a clue you 'll no doubt need, he lives within a tree, At home inside Adventureland; a life of harmony. There's plenty of magic and wonder at Disneyland, they 're never shy of telling

10 Worst Times Of The Year To Go

Disneyland has been remarkably uncrowded this summer, a fact that was recently acknowledged by Disney CEO Bob Iger. But that 's expected to change soon, as the annual passholders who were blocked out much of the summer because of the crowds anticipated for Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge are able to get into the park again. So the throngs that visitors have experienced on busy days in the past should returns as well. That also means you 'll have to plan your trip to the Magic Kingdom to avoid the

Star Wars Flops Now Employees Getting Hours Cut Source

The force is not strong at Disneyland Opens a New Window. this summer and employees are feeling the pinch. The new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Land made its debut to the public in May of 2019 at Southern California 's Disneyland and has become a bit of a disappointment Opens a New Window. to the theme park employees whose hours and paychecks have suffered due to lack of attendance. “Wait times this summer for the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride were expected to be over

Haunted Mansion Is Celebrating It Is 50th Anniversary And These Grim Grinning Ghosts Have Plenty Of Memories

Welcome, foolish mortals, to this tale of a haunted house so legendary that it 's lasted 50 years. That 's right, it 's been half a century since the Haunted Mansion opened in Disneyland as a landmark of New Orleans Square. Since then, this antebellum manor, known to millions as the “home of 999 ghosts with always room for one more,” has spawned books, tribute websites and Facebook pages, a major motion picture, sound recordings, replicas at other Disney parks around the globe and legions of

Haunted Mansion Dining Low Disneyland Earnings A Galaxys Edge Cookbook And More

As you may know, this Friday, August 9, marks the 50th anniversary of The Haunted Mansion, which opened its doors first in Disneyland. Since this is an all-timer attraction beloved by pretty much everyone, it 's no surprise that there will be plenty of exciting festivities to commemorate the milestone. And that, of course, means brand-new food. Starting Friday, you can check out an array of new foods in Frontierland, New Orleans Square, and Critter Country. There 's everything from special churros, to

Disney CEO Bob Iger Talks Star Wars Galaxys Edge Low Attendance Numbers

Disney CEO Bob Iger explained why there were lower numbers at Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge than expected. He said a number of factors affected the attendance numbers. “I think a number of things happened,” Iger said during Disney 's Q3 FY19 earnings result webcast, according to “First of all, helped in part by some of our efforts, there was tremendous concern in the marketplace that there was going to be huge crowding when we opened Galaxy 's Edge. So some people

Chunk Of Plaster Breaks Off Matterhorn Bobsleds Forcing Partial Closure

A bedroom door-sized chunk of rockwork plaster broke off from the faux mountainside of the Matterhorn Bobsleds roller coaster at Disneyland and forced the closure of one side of the attraction. Disneyland officials said the rockwork broke loose early Thursday morning while the Anaheim theme park was closed. “During overnight maintenance, a portion of decorative rockwork was found to be in need of repair, which we are working quickly to make,” Disneyland officials said in a

At Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary Bash Stays Weird

Vintage Disney attractions are loaded with oddities. Seemingly outlandish creations - operatic tropical orchids or rum-hungry feral cats - are less likely in today 's modern theme parks, where referencing the thing we saw in a movie too often takes priority. But even for '60s-era Disneyland, when weird wasn 't in short supply, 1969 's long-in-development Haunted Mansion stood apart. Here, the borderline perverse clashes with the ghoulishly celebratory. A serial-killing bride hangs out in the

Disneyland Is Throwing A New Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Party

There 's no place that does Halloween quite like Disney. Once fall hits, the amusement parks offer plenty of tricks and treats-from ghoulish Halloween delights to magical new merch. There 's also the annual Halloween party, which features beloved Disney characters in an event that even the jumpiest park-goers will enjoy. This year, Tim Burton fans can rejoice at Disneyland 's new Oogie Boogie Bash, a Halloween party inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas. Disneyland 's website describes

Can You Name All 15 Eticket Rides Still At Disneyland It Is Not As Easy As You Think

As Disneyland celebrates the 60th anniversary of the E-ticket, it seems like a good time to look back at the rides that earned that distinction at the Anaheim theme park. But what are the E-ticket rides of Disneyland? Naming them all is not as simple as you might think. There were 23 E-ticket attractions during the ticket book era that stretched from 1955 to 1982, according to Disneyland. Of those attractions, 15 remain today and 8 have been retired. An E-ticket was

Attendance Drops Despite Launch Of Star Wars Galaxys Edge

Attendance fell 3 percent at Disney 's domestic theme parks despite the launch of the Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge at Disneyland during the most recent quarter, according to the company 's latest earnings report. Walt Disney Co. reported an increase in theme park revenue in its fiscal third-quarter 2019 results on Tuesday. Disney 's Parks, Experiences and Products revenue increased 7 percent to $6.6 billion in the latest quarter. Increased spending on food and merchandise, higher

Mickeys Halloween Party Transforming Into Oogie Boogie Bash Extravaganza

Princess or villain? That 's the choice Shelley Marie, a young girl who doesn 't fit in with others, must make as she and her mother prepare for Halloween. In deciding, Shelley Marie wonders if she could be as strong and unique as some of her favorite Disney characters - villains who are like rock stars to her. Deciding to step outside her comfort zone, she turns to her mirror in search of lessons on how to be a villain. The “magic mirror” sends her on a journey to explore the

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns On Friday

Fans of vintage Disneyland may like to know that the Main Street Electrical Parade is making an encore appearance there starting Friday, Aug. 2 through Sept. 30. This 20-minute-long parade with its half-million miniature lights and infectious synthesizer music starts at the beginning of Main Street, wends its way past the famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse toward the Matterhorn, and then ends at It 's a Small World. Nothing new has been added to the parade since it

Flex Annual Pass 10 Things You Need To Know

The new Disney Flex Passport is different from any annual pass ever offered for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure and with it comes a host of questions. Fortunately you 've come to the right place. We 've got the 411 on all your FAQs about the $599 Disney Flex pass. Let 's take a closer look at 10 things you need to know about the new Disney Flex Passport. 1. How does it work? The new annual pass comes with a unique twist: Flex passholders need

Fa La La It Is A Holidaytime Reveal

It's always a little Christmassy inside Disneyland park, whatever date the calendar reads, thanks to The Happiest Place on Earth's devotion to nostalgic details, old-timey tunes, green trees everywhere, and costumes galore. Which means this: When the yuletide season actually arrives, the Anaheim destination goes the distance on delighting guests, from the Candy Kitchen's famous handmade (and hefty) candy canes to windows, lightposts, and buildings fully festooned in Christmas

10 Things You Did Not Know About Space Mountain

Tomorrowland had a rough start when the parks first opened both at Disneyland and Disney World. The futuristic-themed sector of the park barely had any rides and even less money to fund the innovative endeavors that Walt Disney wanted to create. Space Mountain finally opened at Disney World in 1975 and at Disneyland in 1977, creating one of the more thrilling rides at Disney parks. The concept for Space Mountain began long before its grand opening. But due to the lack of technology available

You Know You Want To Go To Star Wars Land We Asked Experts How To Make The Most Of The Experience

Disney or Star Wars: It 's hard to say which universe has more obsessive fans. And it 's hard to underestimate how pumped people have been for the 2019 opening of Disney 's new Star Wars area, Galaxy 's Edge. Galaxy 's Edge opened this past May in California 's Disneyland with only one true ride, “Millennium Falcon: Smuggler 's Run,” and Disney reported that by mid-July one million riders had already taken the voyage. Hollywood Studios in Florida 's Walt Disney World is opening its own Star

Russi Taylor Voice Of Minnie Mouse For Over 30 Years Dies At 75

Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse for more than 30 years, has died. Taylor, 75, died on Thursday at her home in Glendale, California, Disney announced. In 1986, Taylor beat out hundreds of other hopefuls to become the voice of Minnie in dozens of movies, TV shows and theme park experiences. Among a legion of credits, Taylor lent her voice to "Runaway Brain," "Get a Horse!" and "Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers." She also made a cameo as Minnie in the

Which Attraction Has The Most Riders Since Star Wars Galaxys Edge Opened You Will Be Surprised

You 'd be forgiven for assuming the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction has had the most riders of any Disneyland attraction since Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge opened - but you 'd be off by a long shot. Disneyland announced last week that 1 million riders have ridden the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction since Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge debuted. That statistical peek behind the curtain tells us a lot about the ride capacity of the E-Ticket attraction and the number of people

Batuu Travelers Ogas Cantina Bookings Have Changed

Question: Are there more Stormtroopers running around the Death Star, or moons in a star field, or nuggets of Jedi-based wisdom in Yoda's brain, or people who'd like to visit Oga's Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge inside Disneyland park? That's a riddle as tough as a Bantha is soft. But one thing is true: A lot of people out there are eager to enjoy a beverage inside the cosmically themed venue, and to visit its near-neighbor, the equally popular Savi's

A New Horse Working On Main Street Meet Bert

If you notice the horse-drawn streetcars at Disneyland, you might notice a big gray fellow that 's a recent addition to the fleet that 's been transporting guests up and down Main Street since opening day in 1955. His name is Bert, and he 's the latest horse to become a cast member in Anaheim. We had some questions about Bert and here are the answers Disneyland provided: Q. What breed of horse is Bert? A. Bert is a Percheron Draft Horse. This breed originated in

The Happiest March On Earth Fetes Disneyland 64th

The sights you'll see inside Disneyland park? A certain snowy mountain, if you look northeast from the Central Plaza. Elephants flying overhead, if you're near King Arthur's Carrousel. And birthday buttons everywhere, on hundreds if not thousands of lapels, all to show that The Happiest Place on Earth is the place where many people choose to spend their happiest day. But how do you throw a birthday party for a place that is the scene of so many birthdays,

Millennium Falcon Ride Gets Millionth Rider After Opening 7 Weeks Ago

Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge has been open for only seven weeks at Disneyland Resort in California, and its only ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, has reached 1 million riders. Earlier this week, Disneyland gave the Ridgeway family, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi, an out-of-this world experience for becoming the 1 millionth rider, according to Disneyland Resort. The ride is averaging more than 20,000 passengers every day. The Ridgeway family - 8-year-old Jonathan,

Abigail Disney Visited Disneyland She Is Livid About What She Saw

Disneyland calls itself "The Happiest Place on Earth," but family heiress Abigail Disney said she found workers struggling when she recently visited the park. In an interview with Yahoo this week, Abigail Disney said she decided to check out Disneyland's worker conditions after a worker sent her a Facebook message. She said every employee delivered a similar message to her: "I don't know how I can maintain this face of joy and warmth when I have to go home and forage for food in other

Why Does Attendance Seem To Be Down This Summer

What on Earth is happening this summer at Disneyland? I've lost count of the number of people who have asked, emailed, or messaged me that question over the past couple of weeks. With its new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land, Disneyland braced itself for record-setting crowds by raising ticket and annual pass prices and remaking pathways around the park to both reduce the size and improve the flow of crowds. But they never came. Instead, Disneyland Resort visitors

How Many People Can Fit In Ogas Cantina How Much Is The Bar Raking In Let Us Look At The Math

A little sign over the door just inside Oga 's Cantina tells us a lot about how many people can fit in the new Disneyland bar and how much money the Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge watering hole is raking in every day. The posted maximum occupancy for the wretched hive of scum and villainy in new Star Wars land at the Anaheim theme park is 276 people. That means Oga 's Cantina could be raking in nearly $200,000 per day and stands to haul in as much as $70 million in its first year of

He Is Living Disneyland Dream Just Like Mom And Dad

Ryan Hatmaker desperately wanted to be picked for the Disneyland All-American College Band. He had long dreamed of working at Disneyland, where his parents met while performing in a show and where his grandparents, aunts and uncles once held jobs. “Everything they do adds a little magic to it,” he said. But Disney officials at last spring 's audition threw a curve to Hatmaker, a Grand Canyon University junior snare drum player in the Thundering Heard Pep Band.

Growing Up In Disneyland

Some of you may have attended one of my many presentations at D23 or Disneyana Fan Club events over the past twenty years. My brother, David, has joined me as we walked the attendees through the wonderful life we had growing up in a celebrity family and Disneyland. Dad owned his own restaurant in Frontierland from 1957 to 1962 - a most unusual part of the Park 's history. Well, now I 've got a new book by the same title with far more fun stuff than we could squeeze into a 45 minute presentation.

Star Wars Rise Of The Resistance Set To Open At Disneyland Park In January

“Star Wars” fans, circle this date on your calendar. Disney on Thursday announced an opening date for its newest attraction at the “Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge” park. “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance” will open on Jan. 17, 2020, at Disneyland. The ride will “put guests in the middle of a climactic battle between the First Order and the Resistance,” the company said on its blog. Walt Disney World 's own Rise of the Resistance ride will open a little

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns For A Limited Engagement This August

There have been a bunch of different parades at Disney theme parks over the years, but one looms above all others. The Main Street Electrical Parade, which first ran at Disneyland in 1972, is the theme park parade by which all others are measured-for better and worse. The legendary spectacle celebrates some of Disney 's most beloved characters with hundreds of thousands of lights with retrofuturistic synth music straight from the ‘60s and ‘70s. (Seriously, if you 're a Moog nerd, you 're gonna love this

Hyperspace Mountain To Continue Popular Run Through Halloween Season

Space Mountain won 't get the Ghost Galaxy holiday ride overlay this Halloween season. A fleet of X-Wings, TIE fighters and Star Destroyers will keep a fiery interstellar demon from haunting Space Mountain this Halloween season as Disneyland extends the run of the popular Star Wars version of the ride. Disneyland will continue the run of Hyperspace Mountain through the Halloween season due to the continued popularity of the Star Wars ride overlay on the venerable Space Mountain

Disneyland To Offer Halloween Screams To All This Fall

The Disneyland Resort announced earlier this year that it would be moving its annual hard-ticket Halloween party back across the esplanade to Disney California Adventure this fall. But with the new Oogie Boogie Bash running over there, what would happen to the Halloween Screams fireworks show that used to play exclusively at Mickey's Halloween Party? Well, Disney answered that question today. Rather than mothballing the show, Disneyland will be playing it for everyone this year. However,

New Photos
Walt Disney As Viewed From Construction Of Main Street Station
Pendleton Woolen Mills And Bonanza Outfitters
Main Street Buildings Then Now
Main Street Buildings Then Now
Main Street Construction With Walt Viewed From Main Street Station
Bank Of America And Disney Gallery
Mission To Mars And Redd Rockets Pizza Port
Aerial View Pointing North Opening Day
Window Display
Pepperoni Pizza
Moogan Tea Blue Bantha Bloody Rancor And The Black Spire Brew
Ogas Cantina
Carbon Freeze Ogas Obsession Provision And Cliff Dweller
Ogas Cantina
Dj R3x
Outer Rim Bespin Fizz Yub Nub And Fuzzy Tauntaun
Two Nonalcoholic Drinks
Ronto Roasters
Milk Stand
Steve Rowland Kathleen Case And Adelia August
Walt And Mickey Piloting The Mark Twain
Mr Toad Loading Area Murial Guests
Rest Area For The Mules
Break Area For The Mules
Twa Moonliner And Rocket To The Moon Building
Twa Moonliner And Rocket To The Moon Building
Kids Loading Into Stage Coach
Load Area
Kids On Drawbridge Watching Black And White Swans
Steve Rowland And Kathleen Case
Adelle August Asking Esmeralda Her Fortune
Twa Moonliner And Rocket To The Moon Building
Twa Moonliner And Rocket To The Moon Building
Sign And Facade
Pirate Ship
Sign And Facade And Menu
Sign And Facade
Ovenroasted Tip Yip
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