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November 17, 2021
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Top Story

With the new opening of the Plaza Point shop on Main Street USA this video tells the backstory to the shop.
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When Will Disneyland Bring Back The Award Winning Magic Happens Parade

The Magic Happens parade that only ran for a couple weeks before the pandemic closed Disneyland has picked up a prestigious international award for live entertainment excellence that could bode well for fans anxiously awaiting the parade 's eventual return. Disneyland 's Magic Happens parade just won a Brass Ring Award from the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions - considered one of the top honors given in the themed entertainment industry. That 's

Plaza Point A New Holiday Shop Debuts

EVEN IF A HOLIDAY... isn't immediately due, it can feel like a celebration is just around the colorful corner at Disneyland Resort. Perhaps it is due to the bounty of decorations, daily entertainment events, or all of those fanciful figures that roam The Happiest Place on Earth, or some other magical reason, but the special-occasion-y vibes are always sparkly and strong. Now that sparkle has a new holiday-focused home, right on Main Street, U.S.A., thanks to the late-October debut of Plaza Point. Fans

Employees Wade Into Pirates Of The Caribbean Waters To Evacuate Stranded Riders

Riders stuck on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction were evacuated by Disneyland employees wearing fisherman-style rubber waders who walked through murky waters and pushed stranded boats to “land” so visitors could escape the swashbuckling cruise cut short. The Pirates of the Caribbean water ride at Disneyland broke down for approximately 90 minutes around 6 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 31, according to riders who had to be evacuated. The 1967 water-based dark ride populated with

5 Spooky Ghost Stories

It 's the spooky season, so it 's a great time to look at the spooky history of the happiest place on Earth. Even at Halloween, Disneyland isn't exactly the scariest theme park. Still, for a place that 's been around for more than 65 years, it has many interesting stories to tell, and that includes ghost stories. Over the decades, a number of mysterious events have taken place within the gates of Disneyland. If reports are to be believed, a number of locations are actually haunted by

5 New Churros For The Holiday Season

Disney Parks said it will have five new churros for the upcoming holiday season events at Disneyland. Disney unveiled the new churro flavors in its new Foodie Guide to Holidays at Disneyland Resort. The breakdown includes a look at what food will be coming to the Disney Festival of Holidays at Disney California Adventure park and Disneyland. Here 's a look at the new Disneyland churros: Chocolate-Cinnamon Churro, which is a cinnamon-sugar churro rolled in hot

There Is A Secret Cemetery At Haunted Mansion And It Is Not The One You Are Thinking Of

The Matterhorn Bobsleds may have a hidden basketball court, but there 's no other ride in Disneyland that has more secrets than the Haunted Mansion. The 1969 ride, one of the last overseen (at least in part) by Walt Disney himself, is full of surprises and strange legends. But a secret cemetery? That was a new one, even for me. There 's a secret “servant 's entrance” that lets you skip the stretching room and instead descend a set of stairs full of Disney Easter eggs.

Hugs With Mickey Not So Fast Disney Attractions Are Coming Back Slowly

Disneyland and California Adventure Park have relaunched attractions at the parks in phases since reopening in April after a 13-month pandemic shutdown. Disney fans have not been particularly understanding about the closures and phased ramp-up - designed to allow for the orderly implementation of COVID-19 safety protocols and retraining of staff - especially after Disney announced price hikes Monday of up to 8% on daily tickets. Some complain they are being asked to pay more while being

Bringing Back The Main Street Electrical Parade

The optics for the recent developments at Disneyland have not been pretty lately. Sold-out Magic Key annual passes. Parking price hikes. A new, highest-price-ever ticket for the most in-demand days like holidays. At least two more months without parking trams. And that 's all just this week. But there 's one bright spot in all of this, literally: The Main Street Electrical Parade appears to be coming back to the park soon. The iconic and much-beloved parade started at

What Disney Worlds Bumpy Genie Plus Rollout Could Mean For Disneyland

Genie Plus, the new paid replacement to Disney 's previously free Fast Passes, debuted at Walt Disney World on October 19. No one knows when Disneyland 's Genie Plus will go live, other than vague hints that it will happen sometime this fall - but the rollout of Florida 's version can tell us a lot about what might (or might not) happen when the system is released in California. Genie Plus is the only way to get faster access to rides ... In the past, guests at Walt Disney World

Ticket Prices Go Up As Much As 8 Percent With Parking Rising 20 Percent

Disneyland and neighboring California Adventure Park raised most daily ticket prices Monday and are adopting an even higher price to visit on the most popular days of the year, such as Christmas and New Year 's Eve. Daily ticket prices are jumping 3% to 8%, with standard daily parking rates going up by 20%. The parks last raised ticket prices by as much as 5% in February of 2020 - shortly before the parks closed for 13 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To manage crowds, the

Resort Welcomes Back The Iconic Monorail

Disneyland fans have been waiting months to hear the memorable sound of the horn honking as the Disneyland Monorail glides above and throughout the resort. The “highway in the sky” has returned for guests to board once again as a part of the phased reopening of the Disneyland Resort. The Disneyland Monorail has been a beloved attraction for decades, ever since it first debuted at Disneyland in 1959, becoming the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere. Originally known as

Parking Trams Returning In Early 2022

The end is near for Disneyland visitors tired of huffing and puffing along the nearly mile-long tram route between the parking garages and the front gates as the Anaheim theme park prepares to bring back the trams that have been out of commission since March 2020. Tram service between the Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals parking garages and the front gates of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure will return in early 2022, according to Disneyland. Disneyland continues to

Keep The Wenches Row Has Been Labeled Poison By Fans Who Are Divided About Attraction Upgrades

The ‘Keep the Wenches ' Disneyland row has been labeled ‘poison ' by fans, who are divided about attraction upgrades. A FEW Disneyland enthusiasts have expressed their displeasure with the park 's decision to remove culturally offensive characters from its rides and attractions. The world-famous brand operates 12 theme parks worldwide. On social media, ‘toxic ' debates have emerged over Disney 's decision to remove characters like the Pirates of the Caribbean ‘wenches. ' Some

Woman Of Color At Center Of New Holiday Shop Backstory

Walt Disney Imagineering has made a Puerto Rican woman who loves to travel the central character of a fictional backstory created for a new Disneyland holiday shop as part of Disney 's continued commitment to diversity and inclusivity. The fictional Plaza Point proprietress Miss Evelyn Toro was inspired by Disneyland resort enhancement manager Dawn Keehne 's real-world mother Evelyn, whose maiden name is Toro. The new Plaza Point holiday shop opened Thursday, Oct. 21 in the

Why Disneyland Has Some Of The Most Toxic Fans On The Internet

"This has to stop," a Disneyland fan said. There had been a stream of troubling comments for the past few days in the "Vintage Disneyland" Facebook group. People were getting offended and others were starting to speak out. It started innocently, with people sharing memories of the park with the phrase “My Disneyland had …” My Disneyland had the Welch 's Grape Juice stand. My Disneyland let you fly through the Matterhorn on the Skyway. But the internet being the

Snow Has Come

We are in the heart of Halloween season, and also in Southern California, but that hasn 't stopped snow from making its way to Disneyland Resort. Guests visiting the Happiest Place on Earth will now see snow adorning Sleeping Beauty Castle as the Park prepares for its holiday season. Holidays at the Disneyland Resort do not officially begin until November 12, but getting ready for that time of year takes weeks of planning and days of slowly incorporating holiday elements into Disneyland

A Really Weird Experience The Oddest Places Readers Have Ever Been Stuck On Rides

There 's one moment on the Haunted Mansion - my favorite ride, my only must-do on any given Disneyland day - that I absolutely dread. Sometimes I close my eyes, sometimes I just avert them to focus on something more agreeable to my sensibilities, sometimes I just fix my gaze, staring down my own demon in grotesque horror. It has absolutely nothing to do with a ghost. The spot I can 't handle on Haunted Mansion is the moment before you enter the cemetery scene, where the old

Five New Horses Come To Disneyland

If you love the Disneyland horses, then you 're in for a wonderful treat. Disney 's Circle D Ranch has revealed the surprise addition of five new horses! The Disneyland horses are a beloved staple of Main Street, U.S.A., and returned to the Disneyland Resort back in April 2021 when the Resort reopened after the year-long COVID-19 pandemic closure. Circle D Ranch, the 5.5-acre ranch where the Disneyland Resort horses live and train, now has five more horses to

Fans Can See A Real Ghost At The Haunted Mansion

Disney Parks are known for their legendary entertainment, but one attraction seems to stand out above the rest regarding immersive storytelling: the Haunted Mansion. Walt Disney World 's version of the ride features a chilling detail that most fans have never noticed. The Haunted Mansion is famous for its spooky set design, classic songs, and groundbreaking storytelling that was over a decade in the making. From supposedly encountering actual paranormal activities to rumors of people 's

Disneyland Set To Reopen Iconic Monorail For The First Time In 19 Months

Daily operations will resume on Friday, Oct. 15, more than one year after the Disneyland Monorail was closed due to pandemic-related park closures and restrictions on enclosed spaces. Face coverings will be required to ride the Monorail when it returns to service, as part of the park 's COVID-19 health and safety rules. “The Disneyland Monorail not only serves as a fun transportation experience, but also offers a unique way to see elevated sights around the resort,” resort

Canoe Down The Rivers Of America

Insiders, did you know you could canoe down the Rivers of America at Disneyland Resort? If not, or if you did and have yet to experience it, you are in for a treat! Davy Crockett 's Explorer Canoes gives you the chance to paddle down the most famous river at Disneyland on a grand oar-venture all the way around Pirate 's Lair on Tom Sawyer Island. This attraction is a great way to cool off from a warm day at the park and a great way to get a bit of arm and core exercise in, and even better a chance to get

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