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Top Story
Top Story
This month we present an inside look at Disney Imagineering R&D. Autonomous Stunt Robots
Will these be coming to Disneyland soon? The video is 35 seconds long.
Top News

We are creating videos for each Disneyland Attraction (excerpts from our Disneyland History USB Drive) and posting them on YouTube. We will do one per week. Here are the ones we have uploaded so far this month:

Frontierland Wrapup 2000's

Disneyland-The First 50 Magical Years

Disney Gallery (Main Street)

Disneyland Story Presenting Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln (Coming July 20)

Here is our YouTube Channel

Disneyland In The News

Disneyland Website And Apps Temporarily Crash Affecting Maxpass And Fastpasses

Posted: Juli 13, 2018

No, you're not crazy if you're trying to get onto Disneyland's mobile app or websites - they all crashed on Friday afternoon, July 6. This hampered people's abilities to use their Maxpass features on the mobile app, meaning they could not use their Fastpasses or access other features, including mobile dining and photos. People on Facebook also tweeted that the Disney World and Disney Cruise Line sites were also down. Disneyland tweeted about the problem about 3:45 to fans on its
Read Complete Article Here

Disneyland Warns Of Fake Free Ticket Offer Circulating On Social Media

Posted: Juli 13, 2018

Disneyland is not giving away free tickets to 500 families to celebrate the park's anniversary despite an advertisement circulating on social media. The false offer looks like a coupon. It features artwork of Cinderella's Castle with Disneyland Resorts written to appear like the theme park's trademark. It offers 5 free tickets. When users click on the offer it says, "Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get 2 Free Disneyland Tickets." Users are then
Read Complete Article Here

Disneyland Fan Ousted From Exclusive Club 33 Will Not Be Returning

Posted: Juli 13, 2018

A man who was such a Disney fan that he wrote a book about Walt Disney has quietly settled his lawsuit against the company after he was ousted from Disneyland's exclusive Club 33, accused of breaking its rules. For four decades, according to court documents and interviews, Joseph Cosgrove of Lake Forest considered himself a self-proclaimed ambassador to the park's legendary private VIP club, which lies behind a locked secret door in New Orleans Square, next to Pirates of the Caribbean and
Read Complete Article Here

Disney Is Apparently Making Flying Stunt Robots For Its Parks

Posted: Juli 09, 2018

In a move straight out of Tomorrowland, Disney is about to use robots in a brand new way. While visiting Disney Theme Parks always includes more spectacles than our eyes can handle, the bi-coastal and worldwide parks are stepping up their game in a big way. For decades, Disney has been incorporating animatronic robots into various attractions, from the famed Hall of Presidents and franchise-inspiring Pirates of the Caribbean, to Ariel's Undersea Adventure. But a new robotics project is
Read Complete Article Here

Testing Dynamic Pricing Models With 299 Dollars Pixar Pier Ticket

Posted: Juni 26, 2018

Are you ready for the experience of buying a ticket to a theme park to become like the experience of buying a plane ticket? Strap in, because Disneyland dynamic pricing tests are happening right now, and it could impact the way the theme park operates as next year's opening of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge looms large on the horizon. Read more about this new pricing test below. The Wall Street Journal reports that this Friday, Disneyland is opening the doors to its highly-anticipated Pixar Pier
Read Complete Article Here

Sneak Peek For A Price 50 Dollars An Hour

Posted: Juni 26, 2018

After raising some ticket prices for its theme parks by more than 20% over the past five years, Walt Disney Co. will set a new benchmark this week when it offers die-hard fans the chance to attend a six-hour preview of a new attraction at Disneyland - for $299. Even for fans used to high prices, the $50-an-hour sneak peek at Pixar Pier on Friday, a day before the attraction officially opens, breaks new ground. "Being able to go into the stores a day early is a main draw," said Chandler
Read Complete Article Here

Pirates Of The Caribbean Bride Auction Redo And Why People Hate It And Love It

Posted: Juni 21, 2018

"Take a wench for a bride" read the banner above the auction block. Front and center was a buxom redhead, clearly the Mercado's prime merchandise. Dressed in crimson and bound with rope to a chain gang of several more female abductees, she winked at prospective buyers as other prisoners cried into dainty hankies over their fate. "Shift yer cargo, dearie. Show 'em yer larboard side!" the grizzled auctioneer commanded an abductee as the animatronic vixen lifted her skirt to show some
Read Complete Article Here

Another Fantastic Dream

Posted: Juni 15, 2018

Fantasmic! Will forever be my favorite Disney Park show. So, when I heard that the show was getting an upgrade on effects and scenes, as one might be able to imagine, I was happy about the new effects and iffy about the new scenes, especially when I heard that "Peter pan" would be replaced with "Pirates of the Carribean." Believe me, "Pirates" is one of the best movies ever made, but come on, leave the classics. I later read that for the "Pirates" bit, the "Columbia" was turned into a ghost
Read Complete Article Here

Pirates Ride To Reopen With New Female Pirate Without Bride Auction

Posted: Juni 14, 2018

Disney's foray into revisionist history is just about over. Pirates of the Caribbean reopens Friday, June 8, after a six-week refurbishment in which Imagineers altered an auction scene. Now, rather than pirates offering brides for a price, the rapscallions are auctioning goods taken from villagers. The change was meant to reflect modern sensibilities, Disney said when it announced the new scene. Meet Redd, the fierce female pirate Overseeing the auction is Redd, an
Read Complete Article Here

Pirates Of The Caribbean Ride Is Reopening Without The Bride Auction Here Is What They Put Instead

Posted: Juni 14, 2018

After being closed for six weeks due to refurbishment, Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride is reopening with a few key updates. Starting Friday, June 8, the new and improved "Pirates' ride will no longer feature the "bride auction" scene. (Ah, 2018. A time when the casual reenactment of human auctioning was still occurring at the happiest place on earth! Cute!) Last year, Disney announced they'd be making the much-needed update to the ride, which was first introduced to the park
Read Complete Article Here

How We Rode 17 Attractions In One Day With Time To Spare Using Apps As Our Guide

Posted: Juni 14, 2018

Apologies to Walt, but Disneyland might now be described as, "The app-iest place on Earth." Or it should be if you want the best vacation experience with the least time standing in lines. Crowds and long attraction waits at the original Anaheim park and its Disneyland Resort neighbor, Disney California Adventure, may suck joy out of even this happiest place. But turning to technology before leaving home, and relying on it once inside the parks, can help relieve a lot of the
Read Complete Article Here

This Tragic True Story Inspired A Haunting Disneyland Urban Legend

Posted: Juni 10, 2018

As a sucker for ghost stories, I'm always the first to butt in when I overhear conversations about "the haunted side" of Disney parks. The idea of ghosts at Disneyland seems like the Anaheim park's best ride, The Haunted Mansion, come to life! And luckily for Disney-loving horror enthusiasts, there are several urban legends about hauntings within the park. But one in particular, the story of Dolly's Dip, is rooted in truth and tragedy. There have been rumors of a haunting at Disneyland's
Read Complete Article Here

History Of Disneyland The Surprising Way The Park Came To Be

Posted: Juni 10, 2018

Disneyland wasn't always intended to be what it is today. If Walt Disney were not running the operation, Disneyland could have ended up as just another boring studio tour. Read on for a look at how the park came to be what it is today, including why the park ended up in Anaheim, California. 1. The demand was there According to Designing Disney, "Due to the popularity of his cartoons, children from every corner of the country wrote to Walt, wanting to come to Hollywood and see the
Read Complete Article Here

Is MaxPass Worth The Price A Skeptic Puts It To The Test

Posted: Juni 10, 2018

Perhaps you're planning your Disneyland summer vacation, noting how quickly expenses are piling up and making a list of snacks to take so you're not buying any $5 churros. Then you see the MaxPass, a feature introduced last summer that promises to save you time by fetching FastPasses from your phone. Sounds good until you get to the price: $10 per person per day. Hmm, family of four, at the park three days, four times three, that's 24 churros ($120). I was skeptical when Disney
Read Complete Article Here

Does Disneyland Have Too Many Annual Passholders

Posted: Juni 10, 2018

I suspect that many Disneyland fans have asked that question when backed up behind hundreds of other cars all waiting to get into the Mickey and Friends parking structure on a Friday night. Disneyland has so many annual passholders that it no longer follows the same crowd patterns as every other major park in the country. At most theme parks, the crowds hit hardest on summer weekends and holidays, when children are out of school and workers take vacations. Not at Disneyland. Thanks to huge
Read Complete Article Here

New Limits On Park Visits For Some Annual Passholders

Posted: Juni 10, 2018

Disneyland announced the first of what could be sweeping changes coming to its annual passport program that will limit - for the first time - which parks some passholders can visit on specific days. The changes come at a time when resort officials are debating how best to manage enormous crowds expected when the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land opens in Disneyland in summer 2019. Disney planned to send emails this morning to passholders explaining the new program, which will create
Read Complete Article Here

New Photos Added

Tomorrowland Stage

Tomorrowland Stage

Prom Night

Actors Steve Rowland And Kathleen Case On Opening Day

Casey Jr Train

Stage With The Whole Cast

Scout Submarine In Lagoon

Leaving Load Area

Rocket Jets

Flying Saucers



Converting Submarine Voyage To Finding Nemo

Passenger Cars That Were Once Part Of Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad

Train Stops Near A 19th Century Barn

Maintance On Pirates

Dolls Being Installed

Donald Duck, Mad Hatter, Chip And Dale, Mickey Mouse (without her head)

Town Square

Model Twiggy Wears Mouse Ears

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