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February 16, 2021
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A Special Kind Of Weird

Howard Johnson 's Anaheim branch hotel is less than half a mile from the Disneyland Resort, a roughly 8 minute walk. The hotel also has a webcam pointing at various spots at the Resort. The main spots are in Disneyland, with the Matterhorn acting as Sleeping Beauty Castle, so to speak, having the whole mountain and a zoom in on one of the Bobsleds. The mountain is featured prominently in the overview of the park, with the exception of a large pine tree previously dubbed Spikey. When the camera pans over

Reverent Flag Ceremony Endures Thanks To Gunny And Some Day The Kids Will Return

”You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney At sunset on Dec. 5 last year - Walt Disney 's 119th birthday - security officer Ernie “Gunny” Napper lowered the flag in Disneyland 's Town Square, and walked it over to a private apartment above the firehouse where Disney spent many of his days and nights staring out the window at the excited crowds rushing into his newly opened fantasy

Lost Park Attraction Only Exists In Marvel Comics

Back when Walt Disney was still alive and developing attractions at Disneyland with his team of Imagineers, there were some attractions that were conceptualized that were never made. One such attraction would have been a companion to the Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately, upon Walt's passing, the plans were scrapped and it was never built. It does exist, however, in a Marvel comic series. Disneyland opened in 1955. Many attractions from opening day still exist today in some form.

Disneyland Will Stay Closed For At Least Another 1 Or 2 Months Says Disney CFO

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure are expected to remain closed for more than a year and not reopen before late March or early April while California theme parks remain shuttered under state guidelines, according to Disney officials. “Our current expectation is that Disneyland and Disneyland Paris will be closed for the entirety of the second quarter,” Disney Chief Financial Officer Christine McCarthy said. McCarthy commented on the continued closure of Disney 's Anaheim

We Are Going To Liberate Minnie Mouse The Day Yippies Invaded And Shut Down The Park

Before the pandemic shuttered Disneyland in March, there had only been a few days that the park had unplanned closures: the day after John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, after the Northridge earthquake in 1994, and after 9/11. But there was another day, in 1970, when Disneyland was overtaken by protesters, whose number and fury - about Minnie Mouse and miniskirts - closed the park early. The Youth International Party was not your average group of young and angry political protesters,

Legendary Photographer Renie Bardeau Dies At 86

The man who arguably best documented the world 's first theme park over his long career has died at age 86, at his retirement home in Glendale, Arizona. Renie Bardeau - a publicity photographer at Disneyland for nearly 40 years - died of kidney failure Monday, after having recently contracted COVID-19, his daughter, Debbie Bardeau said Tuesday from her house in Carson. “What little fight he had left in him, we think the COVID took it from him,” Debbie Bardeau said.

Disneyland Is Giving Another Controversial Attraction A Nonracist Makeover

Whenever Disneyland finally reopens, guests will enjoy a new and improved Jungle Cruise attraction, minus the dated caricatures and imperialist overtones that made it unseemly even when it opened in 1955, and which by today 's standards are just plain racist, the Los Angeles Times reports. On the heels of Disney 's decision to retool its dated Splash Mountain attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World so that its theme is 2009 's The Princess and the Frog rather than 1946 's offensive

Palm Springs Roots Of The Disneyland Hotel

As had happened many times before, his imagination had greatly exceeded his pocketbook. And as before, that didn 't stop Walt Disney. He 'd recently tapped out his credit, sold his home in the desert at Smoke Tree Ranch, and, together with his brother Roy, cajoled corporate sponsors into financing his dream of Disneylandia (shortened to Disneyland before it opened) amid miles of orange groves in an unknown Southern California town called Anaheim. But his lack of finances didn 't

New Attraction May Signal Changes For Toontown

Disneyland has been open since 1955, and there has never been a ride themed after the park 's iconic character and Walt Disney 's best pal, Mickey Mouse. In just a few years, Mickey will get his very own attraction at the Happiest Place on Earth: Mickey & Minnie 's Runaway Railway. The ride won 't open for quite some time, but since it is set to be located in Mickey 's Toontown, it has us thinking - is Disney planning to reimagine Toontown to usher in a new generation of Mickey fans?

Mr Disneyland Ron Dominguez Passes Away On New Years Day

The year has started off on a sad note for the family and friends of Disney Legend Ron Dominguez, also fondly referred to as “Mr. Disneyland.” Disneyland Alumni Club Facebook group member Mark Eades shared the unfortunate news, writing: Some sad news to start the new year. The Disneyland Alumni Club has learned that Ron Dominguez, to many known as “Mr. Disneyland, and a former executive Vice President of Disneyland, and a Disney Legend, passed away early today, January 1,

What Is Happening With Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Adventure is one of the most beloved attractions at Disneyland Resort - and there are a lot of rides at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Last year, it was announced that it would undergo a lengthy, much-needed refurbishment…but what can we expect from the refurb, and is it still happening at this Disney Park? If you remember all of the hype for Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance when the state-of-the-art attraction opened in January 2020 at Star Wars: Galaxy 's

Time Disneyland Had Its Own Circus And It Did Not Go Well

When Walt Disney first conceived of the idea that would eventually become Disneyland, much of his desire to build his own amusement park location was born from the fact that he was largely unhappy with the offerings of the day. Simple "kiddie rides" were only fun for children, and mom and dad had little to do. Carnivals and circuses tended to be dirty and frequently brought in a bad element. Adults tended to drink a lot because, in Walt's opinion, there wasn't much else for them to do. Disneyland

Snow Whites Enchanted Wish New Happy Ending When Disneyland Reopens

We expect some major changes to Disneyland and Disney California Adventure when the Disneyland Resort theme parks reopen sometime in 2021. One of the changes that we know is for certain is the refurbishment of Snow White‘s Scary Adventures, announced in late 2019. Here, we take a deep dive into this original attraction at the Happiest Place on Earth and share what we can expect from the ride 's reimagining. Since this article was originally published, we have received more information

Rocket Rods Disneys Rocket Powered Mistake

Behind their veneer of magic, mascots, and overpriced souvenirs, the Disney theme parks are overflowing with interesting stories and history. Disneyland in particular is home to many tales of innovation, imagination, and more than a few infamous missteps. This is the story of one of those missteps, and of how one of Disneyland 's most legendary attractions was discarded in favor of cheap thrills. This is the story of Tomorrowland 's notorious Rocket Rods. The origin of Rocket Rods

Haunted Mansion Favorite Attraction Gets Facelift

The Haunted Mansion hosts 999 happy haunts, and there 's always room for one more, 365 days a year…that is, unless Disneyland is closed or the ride is under refurbishment. In 2020, we got a double whammy. Not only was it announced that the original Haunted Mansion attraction at Disneyland was closing for a lengthy refurbishment in 2020, but also ever Disney Park around the world unexpectedly closed this year, therefore prolonging the closure of this New Orleans Square staple.

Disneyland Gives Renamed Snow White Dark Ride A New Happily Ever After Ending

Disneyland has removed the scary ending from Snow White 's Scary Adventures and added a happily ever after finale to the classic Fantasyland dark ride that will return when the Anaheim theme park reopens following an extended coronavirus closure. Walt Disney Imagineering updated the interior and exterior of the Snow White 's Scary Adventures attraction during an extended renovation that began in January before the pandemic closure of the park. The 1955 opening day attraction has been

Complete Guide To Disney Droid Depot

Calling all Star Wars fans! If you are heading to Walt Disney World or Disneyland on your next family vacation, you won 't want to miss your opportunity of building your very own droid in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge! Droid Depot, located in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge at Disney 's Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort and in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge at Disneyland Park at Disneyland Resort, allows Guests to build their very own droid to go on adventures with. But, building a droid can be

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Snow Whites Enchanted Wish
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