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February 16, 2020
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Top Story

This month we present: Behind the scenes of Magic Happens a new parade coming to Disneyland! .
The video is 1 and half minutes long and taken in 2020
Disneyland In The News
Crews Put Out Fire At Disneyland After Small Blaze Erupts

Crews put out a small blaze that erupted at Disneyland Thursday evening, fire officials said. The blaze was reported just after 6 p.m., according to the Anaheim Fire and Rescue Department. Officials said firefighters who responded to the scene put out the blaze before additional units arrived. The blaze may have happened in a vegetation area of the park, officials said. The park was not closed. No injuries or damage was

Spicy Milk Is Out Of This Galaxy

FLYING THE MILLENNIUM FALCON... through a space field that's absolutely crowded with huge asteroids? It's an experience that can really build up a person's thirst. As can dealing with a throng of testy droids, or a broken Landspeeder, or any of the issues a member of the Resistance regularly has to face. But there are ways to find a bit of refreshment, the sort of sippable treat that has a bit of spice, the sort of spice that adds zing to your spacebound adventures. And for people calling upon

Four Classic Rides Just Closed For A Massive Makeover

As you get ready to plan your park visit, it's helpful to know which attractions could be closed and when. Four Disneyland rides closed for refurbishment this year; they're going to look so different! Don't worry, though. The closures are all seasonal and will re-open at various times throughout the year. So here's the big question. What rides are off the table? Here is the list of some classic Disneyland rides you won't be able to visit for a while. You can find a

When Will Disneyland Open The Fastpass Line For Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run

Now that Disney 's Hollywood Studios in Florida has announced plans to open the FastPass lane on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run it begs the obvious question: When will Disneyland do the same thing? Star Wars fans planning a trip to Batuu East on or after Feb. 19 can now make FastPass reservations to fly the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy through the My Disney Experience app used at Walt Disney World. But what about Batuu West? Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

All New Magic Happens Parade Debuts

Disneyland Resort will debut its all-new "Magic Happens" parade at Disneyland Park on Feb. 28, 2020. The incredible "Magic Happens" daytime spectacular celebrates the awe-inspiring moments of magic that are at the heart of so many Disney stories. This new parade, led by Mickey Mouse and his pals, celebrates moments of magic from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios films as they are brought to life on a grand scale with stunning floats, artistic costumes and a surprising and energetic

We Rode Rise Of The Resistance To See If It Is Worth The Hype Here Is What We Thought

Fair warning: many ride spoilers ahead 1. Yay, R2-D2 is here to greet us!! (I wonder if he 'll be hanging out here all the time?) 2. We 're already excited and all we see are rocks. 3. Oh wow, a pretty waterfall! 4. This lantern looks a lot like the one Luke had in The Empire Strikes Back (although not EXACTLY the same). 5. Ha! They carved “seats” into the queue 6. Wait, there are A LOT of carved seats - um, does

Rise Of The Resistance Suffers Multiple Breakdowns Guests Learn What To Expect

Guests visiting Disneyland with the hopes of riding the all-new Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction will face delays and disappointments once again. After another frustratingly fast fill-up of its virtual queue, the attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge reportedly broke down multiple times in the span of three hours today, January 19, and we are beginning to see how Disneyland plans on handling the situation. Let 's Take A Look: 10:20 am PST: Inside the Magic staff

New Rise Of The Resistance Ride Actually Reveals Secret Star Wars History

Disneyland's newest Star Wars ride just opened in Anaheim and fans can't seem to get enough. But there's something that even super fans might not know. There's actually hidden clues that tell you about secret Star Wars history scattered throughout the Rise of the Resistance ride. Guests start out in the middle of the action, hiding out in a rebel outpost in an ancient cavern. Those pesky First Order troops are everywhere! If you haven't gotten the chance to ride

Disney Imagineers Seek To Inspire The Next Generation Of Theme Park Dreamers And Builders

Dreaming up a roller coaster that wraps around a mountain or a theme park land set in a galaxy far, far away is a puzzle that can only be solved with a mix of creativity and technical know-how. “It becomes this problem-solving exercise of how do we do this?” Walt Disney Imagineering executive creative director John Larena said. “And then when we figure out how to do it, how do we keep it invisible to everybody else? How do we make the magic?” Imagineering recently hosted a panel

Remembering Bob Matheison

Bob Matheison was fully present in everything he did, whether it was developing a new Disney theme park in Florida; announcing bowl games in Orlando or his children 's high school football games; raising Scottish Highland cattle at his North Carolina ranch; or spending quality time with his wife, children and grandchildren. As friends and family shared stories of their relationships with Matheison - following his sudden death Jan. 5 at age 85 - their respect for him was consistent: he was

45 Surprising Secrets About Disneyland

It's been 45 years since Disney Parks first took intrepid thrill seekers into the darkest corners of outer space. We're talking, of course, about Space Mountain. And while it's true that the iconic indoor roller coaster opened first at Walt Disney World in Florida on January 15, 1975, did you know that it was first dreamed up, at the request of Walt Disney himself, by designer John Hench (whose fingerprints were all over the original Tomorrowland) in 1964? As it turned

Test And Adjust Team Fine Tunes Rise Of The Resistance For First Riders In Star Wars Galaxys Edge

The first time Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge attractions senior leader Garett Heffner stepped foot in Disneyland 's new Rise of the Resistance he found himself in a massive Star Destroyer hangar staring at a 100-foot-wide space window. “It was still very much under construction and I just was in awe of the fact that this was just part of the queue,” said Heffner, senior production manager for attractions in the new Star Wars land. “I just thought, ‘What the heck did I get myself into? This is

How To Snag A Spot In The Virtual Queue For Rise Of The Resistance At Star Wars Galaxys Edge

You 're going to have to get up awful early in the morning if you want to ride the new Rise of the Resistance when the highly-anticipated Disneyland attraction opens in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge. Disneyland visitors will be able to snap up “boarding group” spots in a virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance as soon as the Anaheim theme park opens each morning. The new Rise of the Resistance trackless dark ride debuts Friday, Jan. 17, at Disneyland in the 14-acre Star Wars themed

Events And Attractions Coming In 2020

Walt Disney famously said that Disneyland would never be finished as long as there was imagination. Clearly, there has been no lack of imagination, as the California theme park, and the many Disney Parks that followed it, have continued to update and change over time. This means that even if you visit a place like Disneyland Resort every year, there will almost always be something new to see or do. 2020 will be no exception. Whether you're planning your first trip ever to Disneyland, or

A Guest Literally Pulled The Sword Excalibur From The Stone

Legend tells of the Sword in the Stone, a weapon that can only be pulled from its resting place by the new king. For decades that sword has rested in front of King Arthur's Carousel at Disneyland, and now, it appears we have a new leader, because somebody apparently pulled the sword from the stone. A few days ago the sword, which sits in front of the carousel, went missing, and while it was believed to have something to do with an upcoming refurbishment of the attraction, it seems that's

10 Family Traditions At Disneyland That Will Never Grow Old

There are some things that'll never get old, like spending time with your loved ones and going on vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. It's actually at Disneyland where you can make some of the best memories in between riding Splash Mountain and enjoying Mickey-shaped ice cream. For a crew that likes to go to the parks, you probably even have some family traditions at Disneyland that'll forever hold a special place in your heart. To your family, Disneyland may feel like a second

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Sword In The Stone
Broken Sword In The Stone
Sleeping Beauty Float Artist Concept
Cinderella Float Artist Concept
Tiana Float Artist Concept
Sword And The Stone Float Artist Concept
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Alien Pizza Planet Tour

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