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March 16, 2020
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Top Story

This month we present: Star Wars Rise Of The Resistance complete ride through.
The video is 17 minutes long and taken in 2020
Disneyland In The News
New AP Magic Annual Passholder Perks Program

Disneyland has unveiled a new AP Magic perks program that will let annual passholders pick up free swag, participate in special events and buy exclusive merchandise at the Anaheim theme park. The free perks program starting Monday, March 2 brings all of Disneyland 's annual passholder benefits under the new AP Magic umbrella. Exclusive passholder perks include after-hour ride times, movie sneak peaks, photo ops, character meet-and-greets, special events, exclusive merchandise and

Disneyland Closes As California Rushes To Battle Coronavirus

Disneyland will close its doors for the rest of the month, an extraordinary decision mirrored throughout California by companies big and small after Gov. Gavin Newsom 's call for any nonessential gatherings of 250 people or more to be canceled to help stop the rapid spread of the new coronavirus. Newsom issued an executive order late Wednesday recommending the closures extend through March, and about 12 hours later at a news conference he said it was likely they would stretch into April.

Rise Of Resistance 5 Things You Need To Know Before Getting On The Star Wars Ride

Remember the good ol' days when Disney fans could just get in line for a ride and then... ride it? Fine, you still do this all around the park. But I know why you're here. You're hoping to get on Disneyland 's hottest new attraction, Rise of Resistance, which is located at its own Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge? Well, that 's going to take a bit of strategy. It 's been over a month since it opened its doors in Anaheim 's Disneyland, yet the journey to get aboard the ride is still quite the process. I

Moana Character That Will Steal The Show Of New Magic Happens Parade

If there's one question that you hear people asking around Disneyland more than any other, it is simply, "How'd they do that?" All the Disney parks are about creating experiences for guests that feel like magic, and so it's no surprise that Disneyland's newest parade which debuts on Friday, is called Magic Happens. Some of the technology on display at Disneyland is pretty close to magic already, and the new parade will be no exception. It's promising to show off some technological

In The Eat Of The Moment Going To Disneyland Soon Try These 10 Treats

Before your Disneyland trip, it 's important to know that you 're going to spend a lot of the money on food. That 's why it 's helpful to identify what you really want to try so you can avoid wasting your money on things that don 't live up to your expectations. If you happen to be taking a trip to Disneyland soon, see my list of must-have eats below. Not only will it save you money, your stomach won 't regret it. *Please note that this list is in no specific order The Tropical

Animatronic Pirates And Ghosts Cannot Dress Themselves So She Helps Them

Carlos the sopping wet “bilge rat” who gets dunked in a well all day long in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride goes through about a dozen shirts a year courtesy of Disneyland 's animatronic costuming department. Disneyland 's Lupe de Santiago is on a first-name basis with Carlos and many of the nearly 1,000 audio-animatronic figures at the Anaheim theme park that need costume changes from time to time. “Sometimes we change them every day,” said de Santiago, 61, of Norco. “It

The Problem With Star Tours In A Galaxys Edge World

I remember riding Star Tours as a child. It must have been 1999 or so. It was my first taste of what a Star Wars ride could be. Sitting on a makeshift starship. Watching the action of a Star Wars battle unfold before your eyes. It was well worth every moment of it. I still remember how excited I felt about that ride. Fast forward to 2020 and my thoughts could not be more different. If Star Wars asks you to take your first step into a larger world, Star Tours felt like a step back into a time

Should Disneys 109 Dollar Star Wars Night Include Rides On Rise Of The Resistance

Disney just announced that tickets are on sale for the newest Disney After Dark event - a Star Wars -themed evening. But should the over-$100 price tag include rides on the newest state-of-the-art attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance? Disnyland 's after hours event - Star Wars Nite - takes place later this summer, and already it has created a lot of buzz on social media. Disneyland Resort annual passholders and hopeful guests were pretty excited when it was first announced that

Rise Of The Resistance Will Not Be Open During Star Wars Nite

Disneyland plans to bring down the wildly popular new Rise of the Resistance attraction for routine overnight maintenance during an after-hours Star Wars Nite event while the Star Wars Celebration fan conference is taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center. The Disneyland website notes that the new 20-minute-long trackless dark ride will be unavailable during the $109 separate-admission Star Wars Nite event on Aug. 27. “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will not be available

New Parade To Feature Special Moments From Classic And New Animated Films

Let it go, let it snow. That describes the spirit of the new, nearly 39-foot long “Frozen 2” parade float, on which Elsa, who 's known for singing “Let It Go” in the first film, will make snow fall on Main Street, U.S.A. Later, Cinderella gets her magical moment when she 's inside a giant pumpkin that suddenly becomes a carriage to take her to the ball. Those are among the nine floats in “Magic Happens,” Disneyland 's newest daytime parade. The procession will

New Mickey And Minnies Runaway Railway Weaves 2 Stories Into 1 Ride

Walt Disney Imagineering has jammed so many historical nods and hidden Easter Eggs into Mickey and Minnie 's Runaway Railway that the creative team behind the new trackless dark ride figured why not toss in a second story line as well. “This attraction actually has a B story,” Walt Disney Imagineering 's Kevin Rafferty said. “First one ever that has a B story in addition to the A story. It 's very clear and it 's very fun.” Mickey and Minnie 's Runaway Railway trackless dark ride

Magic Happens At New Parade 9 Reasons To See It

Grab your mouse ears and head to the Disneyland Resort to drink in the most imaginative new parade to hit the park in many years. Disneyland is full of magic, and the new parade launching Feb. 28 will bring an all new type of spectacular to the park. Guests who pause along Main Street or along the route to take in the scene will see moments from favorite Disney films throughout the years. Among those you'll witness are "Cinderella," "Sleeping Beauty," "The Sword in the Stone," "Frozen 2,"

How Much Could Tickets Cost In 2030 2040 And 2055

The latest ticket price increases have Disneyland fans once again complaining about the rising expense of visiting the Happiest Place on Earth, but wait until they see what it could cost to get into Walt Disney 's original theme park on its 100th anniversary in 2055. Data analysis of historical ticket prices found that if Disneyland continues to raise prices at the rate it has for the past 20 years the cost of daily admission could increase nearly tenfold by 2055 when the Anaheim theme park

Rise Of The Resistance Fills Up Fast Why You May Still Score A Seat

For the last few weeks, Disneyland has opened each day with a hush falling over the early-morning crowd as visitors tap on their smartphones to access a virtual queuing system in hopes of getting on the park 's newest attraction, Rise of the Resistance. Within minutes after the queuing system begins to accept reservations, the ride reaches capacity for the day. The air fills with cheers from parkgoers who managed to secure a reservation and complaints from those who weren 't so lucky.

Magic Happens Parade To Cast A Spell

Whether you've plunked down on a curb well in advance, or you've exited a restaurant to find a parade just starting, the feeling can be the same: Experiencing a Disneyland-style procession can seem as though a sparkly wand was waved in your general vicinity. And plenty of sparkle will twinkle along Main Street, as well as the entire parade route at The Happiest Place on Earth, when a brand-new daytime extravaganza debuts on Friday, Feb. 28. It's called "Magic Happens,"

Here Is What Started Fire That Closed Adventureland

A state agency that inspects amusement rides has concluded that a backstage fire that forced Disneyland to temporarily close Adventureland and caused isolated power outages in the Anaheim theme park was caused by a construction generator. The fire that erupted in a backstage area on Feb. 6 between the Disneyland Firehouse and the Emporium gift shop was quickly extinguished by Disneyland 's fire department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue. “The fire was related to a generator supplying

Fire Caused By Generator Officials Say

A generator in a construction site at Disneyland caused a blaze that forced a shutdown of Adventureland, a spokesman for a state agency that regulates the Anaheim theme park's rides said Wednesday. The state Division of Occupational Safety and Health reached out to Disneyland after seeing reports of the Feb. 6 blaze in a backstage area between the Disneyland Firehouse and the Emporium gift shop, said Cal/OSHA spokesman Frank Polizzi. The small blaze, which was quickly

Many Voices Of Thurl Ravenscroft The Man Behind Tony The Tiger

Thurl Arthur Ravenscroft was a bass singer and American voice actor most commonly known for his work with Kellogg 's. He made a career working with the brand for over five decades, as well as other well-known animated characters. From Singing to Voice Acting Born in Norfolk, Nebraska, Ravenscroft moved to California to study at the Otis Art Institute. He joined The Mellomen, a singing group that rose in popularity during the Big Band era of music. They sang for some of the biggest

Disneyland Raises Prices On Some Tickets And All Annual Passes

Disneyland raised prices today on some single- and multi-day tickets as well as all annual passes as the Anaheim theme park prepares for the grand opening of the Marvel-themed Avengers Campus this summer. Ticket prices increased 3% for the top tier daily admission, up to 5% for parkhopper tickets and as much as 13% for annual passes year over year. The lowest-priced tickets for one-day single park and a mid-priced parkhopper ticket remained unchanged. Since 2000, the price of

Disneyland Raises Maxpass Prices 33 As Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run Joins Fastpass Lineup

Disneyland raised prices on the MaxPass mobile app 33% as the Anaheim theme park announced that the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction in Star Wars: Galaxy 's Edge will soon join the lineup of rides on the FastPass system. The cost to use Disney 's digital MaxPass system, which lets visitors book FastPass attraction times via a mobile app, will rise to $20 per day. The MaxPass price increase was part of Disneyland 's broader ticket price hike today that raises prices

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Loaded Mango Pineapple Dole Whip Beef Bao Bun And Pork Lumpia
Rehearsal Of The Magic Happens
Merlin Sword In The Stone Float Artist Concept
Mickey Mouse Float Artist Concept
Princess And The Frog Float Artist Concept
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