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Disneyland Article
Cool Clear Water Water
Steven Orsinelli
My how time fly's, seems like yesterday I was asking about when the Rivers of America would be filled again. I never like to visit the park when any of the water is not working. It even bummed me out during the renovation of It's a Small World when I saw the canals were dry. I know, weird eh? Yeah that's me; the water kind of calms me down. Those of you that have read my previous articles know Disneyland is my escape from life's stress.

Upon my last visit to the park, the fence was up around the river blocking the construction and my visit was not the same. I could not drag myself back to the park until the water was shimmering again. I really missed riding on the Mark Twain with that slow chugging speed and the toot of the steam whistle. Just watching the mama ducks swimming by the side of the ship, followed by their little ones, always kind of hypnotizes me. The water and the sound of it just create a certain welcome atmosphere and always seem to set me at ease.

So as you can see, I miss the water when it is not there. After analyzing it a bit, I started to figure out that there is quite a bit of water being utilized in the park. I polled my film students here at school, and this is what we came up with for water rides in the park of Anaheim. This includes water locations that feature some kind of water that enhance the atmosphere. Ready? Got your E ticket? As Peter Pan says..Here we goooooo!

Ok, the main rides were obvious, Splash Mountain, Rivers of America including, the Mark Twain, the Sailing Ship Columbia, rafts, and the Canoes. Then there are the Pirates of the Caribbean, the Jungle Cruise, Grizzly River Run, Finding Nemo, the Matterhorn, Storybook-Land boats and it's a Small World.

The rest of my list compiles mostly water that is mostly used as atmosphere for rides and for park aesthetics. Casey Jr., Big Thunder, Tiki Room, Paradise Pier, the mote around the Castle, the Snow White Wishing Well and Fountain, Dumbo, the mote in front of Frontier Land, The small lake at the exit of Big Thunder mountain with the jumping fish, the water being scooped up into Tarzan's Treehouse. Whew! Then we have the water in the Peter Pan Ride, The fountain in Mr. Toads Wild Ride, the big Sun dial fountain in DCA, the water troughs at the exit of Toy Story, Bugs Life water area, and I think that is about it right? I did not count any of the Hotel areas or Downtown Disney; we can do that some other time.

Then just when I thought we picked everything, I was there at the park this week and remembered the big rolling ball in Tomorrowland, then I noted the new water jets coming up from the ground in front of the new World of Color show! I "m sure there are more, it's like hidden Mickey's! If you can think of more please let me know, this was a fun for my students and I to try to figure out. Summer is coming to Anaheim so it's a good thing to know where the water is!

Last but not least it was great to see the new sparkling water back in the Rivers of America, I wonder if they add the green color to the water, or if it is natural pond scum? Also the World of Color show fence was down, I'm not really sure how they are going to fit the massive crowds at the locations they have allotted for the guests viewing the show? Time will tell. I heard if you have an expensive dinner somewhere at Disney, you get an automatic ticket to see the show? If so, I am going to Steakhouse 55 in the old hotel, the meat there rocks! But that is for another story!

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