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About Us
The ThrillMountain Software Team is dedicated to providing the best information available about Disneyland History. We offer more backstage photos and Disneyland articles than any other site on the internet. Each and every year on July 17th (Disneyland's Birthday) we offer all of our content for FREE. I do not know of any other pay Disneyland site that does that. From the first day that we became live on the internet I personally made a promise: no advertising on the site. Over 25 years later I still stand behind that commitment! We also strive to provide the best customer service available of any site on the internet.


In August 1997 I created a site called RLMSoft.com using my initials. The site was mostly a vanity site but it had a small section about Disneyland. That section continued to grow and in 2001 we split the site in two: RLMSoft.com continued to be a vanity site (for about 6 months then was shutdown due to lack of interest) and ThrillMountain.com which became a site dedicated to Disneyland. We also created the company ThrillMountain Software.

In 2003 through a mistake on my part I lost the name. Hence the birth of DLDHistory.com using the initials of DisneyLanD History.

In 2004 through overwelming requests we started a small section dedicated to Disney's California Adventure. Also in 2004-2005 we presented daily photos from the park as the park got ready for the 50th celebration.

In over 25 years the site has grown from a few backstage photos to thousands of onstage and backstage photos (more than ANY other site on the internet), hundreds of videos and thousands of articles.

In 2011 we completely re-wrote the site. This is the seventh (Original Site-1997-1999, 2Kversion-2000-2003, 2K4version-2004, 2K5version-2005-2006, 2K7version-2007-2008 2K9version-2009-2011, 2K11version-2011-2012) complete re-write of the site since we have been on line.

In late 2012 we released Disneyland History DVD. It was wildly popular. More popular than we ever anticipated.

In 2013 we did a minor update of all the code to bring us HTML 5 compliant. ThrillMountain Software handles 10 different domain names.

In July 2013 we released our second version (series 2013) Disneyland History DVD. With more Disneyland information and completely re-recorded sound track.

In July 2014 we released our third version (series 2014) Disneyland History DVD. With more Disneyland information. This is the last time we will create new DVD's.
Going forward we will only update current decade DVD Disc (Chapter 8).

In 2015 we did a minor update to the site.

In July 2015 we released our first DVD update disc and made it FREE to download for everyone that purchased series 2014 DVD Disneyland History Box Set. By re-arranging the content on the discs we were able to combine the Family Version with the Full version. The Family version is no longer being offered. Due to limited popularity we stopped offering the individual discs for sale.

In late 2015 we split out the Construction Photos and Backstage Photos on the site making it easier to locate original construction photos of attractions.We released our final Disneyland History Collection on DVD in 2015.


Mickey Mouse Park was the name Walt Disney gave his park he was going to build across the street from the studios. This map shows his plans:

Very shortly after he realized that his ideas were larger than the property could hold. After lots of research he decided the land in Anaheim could hold all his ideas. That land became Disneyland.

In 2016 we acquired the domain name MickeyMousePark.com and redesigned the site and moved all of DLDHistory.com content to the new site. We also created our MickeyMousePark Youtube channel. Due to availability of blank DVD discs and fewer people having access to DVD dives, we started producing our Disneyland History Collection on USB drives.

In 2019 we again rewrote the entire site. Drastically improving site navigation and removed unpopular pages.

In 2022 we released our last Disneyland History Collection on USB drives it was our tenth version.

In 2023 we released our Disneyland History Collection as a Streaming upgrade to your account.

In 2024 We again rewrote the entire site. Giving the site a fresh new look. We allowed people to follow our progress for MMP2024 site look. Also we re-recorded all the voice-over for our entire Disneyland History Collection. Including have a guest voice named Jade. Some of the voice-over had last been recorded in 2018.

Please use our Contact Us form to let us know what you would like to see om MickeyMousePark.com!

Our 27 year anniversary is just around the corner!

All this growth and future plans are all due to our wonderful members!
Thank you very much for your donations.
Webmaster Richard and all the ThrillMountain Software Team say
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