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Disneyland Article
Five Highlights From A Recent Disneyland Family Adventure

Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
Zach Chouteau
June 22, 2016
June 27, 2016
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Walt Disney once said that Disneyland will never really be complete as long as imagination still exists, and a recent visit to the iconic theme park and resort emphasized those sentiments. While the tried-and-true park favorites are still at the foundation of the fun, new and revamped offerings await around every corner.

Here's a quick look at five highlights from a recent family visit to the park that was part of a Disney Destinations Experience FAM program.

Remarkable Rides. Disneyland has implemented an amazing Star Wars section into the Magic Kingdom that should be explored by every fan of the popular franchise. My favorite experience was a simulated "theater' ride known as Star Tours that takes riders on a simulated outing aboard the Millennium Falcon that will likely be the closest I ever get to actual space travel.

Fantastic Fare. I have to confess that the food might be my favorite part of visiting Disneyland. Delicious dining might not be the first thing you think of when visiting a theme park resort, but from the casual offerings like the Earl of Sandwich in Disney's Downtown to more-upscale offerings like the Napa Rose, I've never had a bad meal here. For a superb splurge, make lunch or dinner plans for the Carthay Circle Restaurant in the California Adventure Park, hosted in a gorgeous recreation of the art deco Los Angeles cinema that first presented Snow White to the masses.

Explosive Entertainment. If you think you've already seen the amazing Disney parade or the fantastic nightly "World of Colors' or fireworks show, think again. Disney revamped all three offerings for its 60th year Diamond Celebration and made the spectacles more over-the-top than ever. From my perspective, the parade is truly the not-to-be-missed choice-highlighting spectacularly cutting-edge neon "floats' (for lack of a better word) showcasing characters from popular Disney features like Frozen and Monsters Inc.

Luxurious Lodging. The Disneyland Hotel, where my family and I stayed, is the best choice for any travelers who can afford a bit of a splurge, in addition to partner property the Grand California Hotel. They both neighbor Downtown Disney and were the first four-star lodgings built in Anaheim. The splendid pool areas alone make them worth the price, as does their convenient locations. Let's face it, you might save a few dollars staying "off-site' but the time and energy you spend getting to and from the park aren't worth the savings.

Family Fun. Last but far from least was the enjoyment my wife and I experienced vicariously through the unforgettable experiences had by our four-year-old son Logan. Based on his favorite doings, I highly suggest to other parents of toddlers that they try the fantastic Mickey Mouse Ferris Wheel in the California Adventure park-plus the Toontown section of the Magic Kingdom (behind the famed castle); Toontown has all sorts of rides designed for smaller kids, including a roller coaster that will give grown-ups some thrills too. And on a final note, the Build-a-Bear workshop in the Disney Downtown corridor lets your kid create a one-of-a-kind keepsake from their visit-in Logan's case, a Darth Vader bear in black sneakers filled with cotton candy-scented stuffing.
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Star Tours: The Adventures Continue

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