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Disneyland Article
Your Inside Look At Disneyland Themed Suites For Super Fans

Los Angeles Magazine
Chris Nichols
August 10, 2016
August 29, 2016
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Have you ever loved a ride at Disneyland so much that you wouldn't get out of the boat? Well, now you don't have to. A group of special effects-filled rooms at the Disneyland Hotel offers the chance to completely absorb yourself in the worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean or Big Thunder Mountain 24-hours a day. The "Signature Suites" cost about ten times the amount of a regular room at the hotel, but they are ten times the fun!

The Pirates of the Caribbean suite

If you can't wait until next May for the fifth Pirates movie, you might set sail for the 11th floor and check in to 1750 square feet of Spanish Main filled with plundered silver, jugs of rum, and original Marc Davis concept art for the original 1967 attraction. Props from the Johnny Depp movies (is that Captain Jack's pistol?!) are also hidden throughout the suite.

The Adventureland suite

Tiki fans will want to sign up for the Adventureland suite once they ring the doorbells and the carved heads start chanting. The safari lodge bedroom has pith helmets, monkey lamps and an enormous four-poster bed covered with mosquito netting. The bathroom is one big stone grotto.

The Big Thunder Mountain suite

A runaway mine train chugs through the Big Thunder Mountain suite if you turn the wrong dial. Hidden gags abound, including sound and lighting. Is that a hand-crank telephone with recorded messages from the 1800s?

The Fairy Tale suite

The prettiest, frilliest room is the Fairy Tale Suite, where Tinkerbell herself greets you at the door flying around and sprinkling fairy dust. This is the plushest room, with endless layers of bedding, a hand-cut mosaic of Sleeping Beauty's Castle, and incredible views of the (magic) kingdom.

Mickey Mouse Penthouse

Of course Mickey was the first to have a home at the hotel. The Mickey Mouse Penthouse was the first of the Signature Suites and features so many hidden Mickeys it's hard to keep track. The red and black theme extends to every corner of the space.

The rooms were designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and are almost as complicated as some of the rides themselves. Look for an animatronic Mickey lamp, self-raising and lowering TVs, and the portrait of a gold miner that changes throughout the day. "There is so much detail in each one of these rooms," says guest services manager Scottie Whitaker. "You can spend an entire week and there's no way you'd see every last detail that they put into these."
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