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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Resort Eliminates Use Of Hand Stamp For Re-Entry Into Its Theme Parks

Pirates Of The Caribbean
Orange County Register
Mark Eades
July 11, 2017
July 14, 2017
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The longtime act of getting a hand stamp when exiting Disneyland has disappeared into yesterland.

Disneyland Resort eliminated the stamps Sunday, July 9, now taking a photo of everyone who enters the theme park with an admission ticket.

For several years, those with annual passes have not needed hand stamps, as their photo was on file. The requirement for photos was added to multi-day tickets, and now it will be the same policy for all admission tickets, according to park officials.

The stamp, visible only under ultra-violet light, had a different shape or word each day, usually related to a Disney character. As photo technology connected to the passes advanced, the parks started phasing out the need for visitors to re-enter a park - though some liked to get them anyway.

Because some park-goers would try to duplicate the stamps - Disneyland Resort never announced which character was used each day. For many years, a valid admission ticket went along with the hand stamp for a visitor to re-enter the park on the day the ticket was used.

Now, because of the photo tied to each admission ticket or annual pass, only the admission ticket is needed. Once scanned, that person's photo pops up on a computer screen, verifying the ticket belongs to that person.

If it is a newly purchased ticket, cast members (Disney employees) at the entrance gate will take a photo of the visitor before granting admission into Disneyland or Disney California Adventure.

Other theme parks use similar techniques as Disneyland Resort. In Florida at Walt Disney World, a scanned thumbprint is used. The same technology is used at Universal's theme parks.
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