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Disneyland Article
Step By Step Preview Of The Lightsaber Building Experience Coming To Star Wars Galaxys Edge

Savi's Workshop
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
March 15, 2019
March 23, 2019
Padawan learners strong with the Force will be able to build their own lightsabers using scavenged parts from fallen Jedi temples inside a covert workshop hidden from the watchful eye of the First Order when the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens at Disneyland.

The build-your-own lightsaber experience will take place in Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers when the 14-acre land debuts May 31 at the Anaheim theme park.

The new Galaxy's Edge themed land will be set in the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu, located on the outer rim of the "Star Wars" galaxy. Every shop and restaurant in the village will have an extensive backstory and proprietor from the "Star Wars" universe.

The handbuilt lightsaber workshop will be run by Savi, who owns a space junkyard near the main entrance to Black Spire Outpost. The scrapper has been collecting lightsaber pieces from throughout the galaxy in hopes a true hero with the ability to assemble the parts would one day enter his shop. That day is today and that hero is you.

In the "Star Wars" timeline, Galaxy's Edge is set in the current trilogy of films when Jedi Knights are in decline. As a result, Savi keeps the lightsaber-building shop a secret to avoid detection by the villainous First Order, bent on destroying the heroic Jedi Order.

The up-charge lightsaber-building experience will be led by the Gatherers in the Chamber of the Guardians.

"Our guests will get to meet the Gatherers who have dedicated their life to balancing The Force by sharing their knowledge of it," said Walt Disney Imagineering creative producer Brian Loo. "In this experience, our guests will go on a guided tour with the Gatherers to build their lightsaber on their journey."

After checking in, builders taking part in the experience will meet the shop's proprietor, said Walt Disney Imagineering executive creative director Chris Beatty.

"Savi's going to come out and greet you and then bring you into the shop," Beatty said.
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