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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Brings Back A Favorite Old Fireworks Show For An Encore Performance This Summer

It's A Small World
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
April 25, 2019
April 28, 2019
Disneyland will bring back a favorite old fireworks show this summer just a few days after the debut of Galaxy's Edge as the Anaheim theme park gears up for the crowds expected to descend on the new Star Wars themed land.

The "Disneyland Forever" fireworks show from the park's 60th anniversary celebration in 2015 will return to Disneyland for an encore performance beginning June 7. The returning nighttime spectacular replaces the "Mickey Mix Magic" show that featured fireworks on select nights.

The daily run of the "Mickey Mix Magic" nighttime show will come to an end on June 6. The Get Your Ears On campaign celebrating Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday will continue for a few additional weeks.

The "Disneyland Forever" nighttime spectacular featured video mapping technology that projected animated images on the facades of Main Street USA, Sleeping Beauty Castle, Matterhorn mountain, It's a Small World and even the "Fantasmic" stage along the Rivers of America.

The nighttime show included music and scenes from "Peter Pan," "Winnie the Pooh," "Jungle Book" and several other Disney animated movies.

The "The Little Mermaid" segment included bubbles percolating on the Main Street building facades, inflatable seaweed popping up on the rooftops, Nemo flying on a wire above the castle and fire erupting from the top of the Matterhorn as "Under the Sea" played in time to the fireworks bursting in the sky above.

The visually stunning building animations featured the "Mary Poppins" chimney sweeps dancing on rooftops to "Step in Time" and the wild animals from the "Lion King" marching to "Circle of Life."

The highlight of the show was the "Frozen" segment, with snowflakes falling on the castle, the Main Street buildings freezing over, low level fireworks blasting overhead and the pointed roofs of the castle sparkling in purple and blue hues as the crowd sang along to "Let It Go."

Richard Sherman, who created music with his songwriting brother Robert for the Enchanted Tiki Room and It's a Small World attractions as well as scores of Disney movies, wrote two original songs for the "Disneyland Forever" fireworks show: "Live the Magic" and "Kiss Goodnight."

The projection mapping technology marries the animated imagery to the architecture of the buildings to create a digital skin that morphs and moves.

Projecting imagery on the Matterhorn, Small World and "Fantasmic" show area will help disperse the crowds expected to descend on Disneyland when Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge debuts on May 31.

Renovation work on Sleeping Beauty Castle, the primary canvas for the "Disneyland Forever" projection show, is expected to be completed in time for the grand opening of Galaxy's Edge.
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Enchanted Tiki Room


It's A Small World

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Sleeping Beauty Castle

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Main Street U.S.A.

Star Wars Galaxys Edge

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