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Disneyland Article
Stormtroopers Will Help Enforce Reservation Time Limits At Star Wars Galaxys Edge

Oga's Cantina
Cameron Bonomolo
May 18, 2019
June 05, 2019
Should guests exceed their four-hour reserved time slot when visiting Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge expansion in its first weeks, patrolling Stormtroopers may ask stragglers to “move along.”

The land, which will be reservation only until June 24, will restrict guests to a four-hour time limit enforced by colored wristbands, the OC Register reports.

Galaxy’s Edge will mix in its newest space travellers with those already in the area, but guests with expired wristbands may be turned away from the land’s premiere hotspots, including the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run attraction, Oga’s Cantina, the Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo restaurant, and Savi’s Workshop and Droid Depot, where guests can build their own lightsabers and droids, respectively.

“At a certain point, if we have to, then we’ll start to ask them to leave the land,” said Disneyland vice president Kris Theiler. The resort expects the allotted time to be enough for guests to properly explore the 14-acre land.

“Four hours is a long time in the land,” Theiler said. “Most guests are going to find that they’re ready to roll after four hours.”

Linger after your reservation has expired and you may find yourself faced with the might of the First Order, who have deployed roaming Stormtroopers to the remote planet of Batuu.

“We’ll be utilizing the troopers to help us, for sure,” Theiler joked.

The reservation system is necessary to manage the crowds expected to reach the anticipated land, allowing the resort to minimize wait times and keep the land below capacity — making a better experience for guests attending the land’s “soft opening” in its first weeks.

“It will be an awesome time to visit the land,” Theiler said. Theiler added the resort hopes to keep wait times for Smugglers Run, which sees crews of six pilot the iconic ship, under two hours.

Disney is also hoping to disperse guests throughout the land and will encourage park goers to visit the many offerings of Galaxy’s Edge instead of racing straight for Smugglers Run.

“We want to try and make sure that people aren’t spending the whole time standing in the queue,” Theiler said. But Disney also doesn’t want guests waiting until the tail end of their reservations to enter the queue for Smugglers Run.

“We want each group to feel like they had an awesome experience,” Theiler said.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens May 31 at the Disneyland Resort and August 29 within Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort.
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Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run

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Star Wars Galaxys Edge

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