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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Makes Controversial Change To Classic Attraction I Am Livid

Main Street Cinema
Fox News
Michael Hollan
June 18, 2019
June 21, 2019
One of the oldest attractions in Disneyland just received an upgrade, but fans are not happy about it. In fact, some of them are actually “livid.”

The Main Street Cinema has been in the park since its opening day in 1955. It was a place where guests could go and take a break while enjoying some old cartoons and air conditioning. While Disney is still showing the old animated films, they have reportedly added merchandise into the location, much to the chagrin of many fans.

Disney has confirmed that the attraction is still called The Main Street Cinema. They have added a cash register and several displays selling headbands, coffee mugs and other souvenirs, The Orange County Register reports.

Fans were quick to voice their displeasure online, with many taking to social media to passionately let Disney know that they didn’t like the change.

As one fan put it, “This is a disgrace to what Walt intended the Cinema to be used for. @Disneyland Do the right thing and put everything back.”

Another fan went into more detail about their problem with the change, posting, “Not a fan. This used to be one of the dark and calm places families could with an overstimulated child to decompress and escape the crowds. It was so relaxing to sit and watch the cartoons. There are plenty of stores on Main Street. Leave the cinema alone.”

Some people kept their responses short and simple, like one user who simply posted, “I am LIVID. The Main Street Cinema is now a GIFT SHOP.”

Others seemed upset at the apparent commercialization of the attraction. One user posted, “Does every single corner of the park have to turn a profit now? The Main Street Cinema is an original feature and should not be a store. Why not make Walt’s apartment a hot dog stand? Ridiculous and blind to your own heritage.”

Another user shared a similar sentiment, posting, “I still can’t believe @DisneylandToday put a SHOP in the Main Street Cinema. #CinemaDisaster2019 Not every square inch of Disneyland should be churning out profit. There are PLENTY of stores already! This was such a quaint glimpse into times gone by.”

Others wondered how far the changes would go, with one fan questioning, “I wonder when @Disneyland / @DisneyParks is gonna turn Walt's Apartment into a Starbucks or Uncle Walt's Main Street Treasures gift shop, I mean they couldn't leave the Main Street Cinema Alone, so obviously nothing is sacred.”

It seemed like several fans were just upset that Cinema won’t feel like an escape from the park anymore. One fan posted, “NOOOOO! It's the end of an era! Everyone's not-so-secret escape at Disneyland has been turned into a store.”

Lastly, some people seemed to take offense at the idea that the Main Street Cinema didn’t attract enough visitors. One passionate fan took to Twitter and posted, “Anyone else who comes to me saying (in bad faith) ‘No one was ever in the Main Street Cinema!’ will get instantly blocked. Yes, since it opened with the park in July 1955, guests have gone inside and enjoyed the Main Street Cinema. It has been there *since day one*.”

A spokesperson for Disney provided the following statement: “We continue to operate Main Street Cinema as a theater and there have been no changes to film showings. We’re looking at a variety of ways to drive interest in this beloved location. ”
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