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Disneyland Article
Here Is How Much You Will Spend On A Trip To Star Wars Galaxys Edge

Ronto Roasters
Kaytlyn Leslie
June 20, 2019
June 24, 2019
It should come as no surprise that a trip to a galaxy far, far away will cost you quite a few galactic credits — but just how much money should you prepared to drop on your trip to Disneyland’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge?

Before you make your travel plans to visit the new land in Anaheim after it opens to the general public on June 24, here’s a roundup of some of the expenses you can expect, including tickets, food and souvenirs.


On any trip, there are some costs you just can’t avoid. Here are a few of the basic things you can expect to spend money on during your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge:

Disneyland ticket: A one-day, one-park ticket for Disneyland starts at $149 through summer 2019. The same tickets for kids ages 3 to 9 costs $141 during the same time. (Kids under 3 get in for free.) Prices increase if you are buying multi-day and/or multi-park tickets to visit both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

Breakfast: Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo or the nearby Ronto Roasters both offer breakfast options, starting at $6 and going up to $12.49. A $7 kid’s breakfast is also available at the Docking Bay.

Lunch and dinner: For other meals, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge prices range between $13 and $19. Kids meals — available only at Docking Bay — range from $8.49 to $10.99.

Drinks: The usual suspects — like bottled water, soft drinks and black coffee — are available at all food locations throughout the park for about $3 to $4. Specialty juices and teas are available for $5.49 each at Docking Bay and Ronto Roasters, while the specialty thermal-detonator-shaped Coca-Cola sodas and products are available at Kat Saka’s Kettle for $4.99.

Snacks: There are two main snack destinations in Galaxy’s Edge, both priced about the same: sweet and spicy popcorn called Outpost Mix ($6.49 at Kat Saka’s Kettle) and sweet or spicy Nuna Turkey Jerky ($7.49 at Ronto Roasters).

So how much will you spend?

For an adult spending the entire day in Star Wars land — assuming ticket admission, three meals, three drinks and one snack — expect to spend at least $196, before tax. Choosing all the most expensive options, you could spend upwards of $221, plus tax.

For the kiddos, expect to spend about $179 on admission and food per child — not to mention any of the souvenirs in the next section.

You could, of course, spend less by bringing your own water and snacks, by eating breakfast outside the park, or by only spending part of the day in the land. But this can serve as a baseline for what to expect if you did none of those things.


What is a vacation without a little treat-yo-self? Star Wars: Galaxy Edge is filled with souvenirs and extra indulgences (but none of it features the words “Star Wars” — more on that here). Here are just a few of the things you can buy while there:

Drink at Oga’s Cantina: $6 to $13 for non-alcoholic beverages. Most alcoholic beverages range between $14 and $17, but a Yub Nub in a souvenir mug costs $42 and a Rancor Beer Flight, served with a souvenir board and four tooth-shaped cups, costs $75.

Blue Milk (or Green Milk): $8

Padawan Hair Braid: $10

Patches or pins: $10 to $13

Kyber Crystal: $13

Photo in front of the Millennium Falcon: $15 for a professional photo by one of Disney’s photographers. Digital copy can be downloaded on your phone. Photographers are also on hand in front of other attractions around the land, and for character meet-and-greets.

MSE-6 Series Repair Droid Souvenir Popcorn Bucket: $20

Imperial Identification Card: $20

Mister fan: $20.65

Various character hats: $28

Jedi Gear Set: $30

Royalty Wig (aka Princess Leia hair buns): $30

Resistance and First Order t-shirts: $30 to $40

Lightsaber: $40

Porg: $50

Jedi and Sith Holocron: $50

X-Wing Pilot Helmet: $50


Want to spend more on your “Star Wars” collection? Galaxy’s Edge also has plenty of big-ticket items up for sale.

A word of caution: These aren’t for the faint of heart, so if you thought the prices on the souvenir section above this were steep, you might want to turn away now.

Here’s how you can drop some serious cash at Galaxy’s Edge:

Chewbacca Messenger Bag: $90

Build-your-own droid: $100; personality chips and accessories cost extra.

Character lightsabers: $110 and up for hilts, between $40 and $50 for different size blades

Jedi or Sith robes: $125

Princess Leia Dress: $125

Resistance Insignia Ring: $125

Jedi Bust: $130

Build-your-own lightsaber: $199

Rebel Pilot Costume: $250

Character paintings: $395

Stormtrooper Helmet: $400

Kylo Ren Helmet: $750

Chalcedony Waves Necklace: $2,000

First Order Stormtrooper Armor: $6,615

Life-size customizable R2-D2: $25,000
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