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Disneyland Article
How Many People Can Fit In Ogas Cantina How Much Is The Bar Raking In Let Us Look At The Math

Oga's Cantina
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
July 15, 2019
July 18, 2019
A little sign over the door just inside Oga’s Cantina tells us a lot about how many people can fit in the new Disneyland bar and how much money the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge watering hole is raking in every day.

The posted maximum occupancy for the wretched hive of scum and villainy in new Star Wars land at the Anaheim theme park is 276 people.

That means Oga’s Cantina could be raking in nearly $200,000 per day and stands to haul in as much as $70 million in its first year of operation, according to theme park experts. But more on those mind-blowing numbers in a bit.

The Star Wars cantina slinging pricey space cocktails has been doing gangbusters business in the new themed land at Disneyland.

Food and beverage sales from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are exceeding expectations, Disneyland officials said.

“Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has set a new standard for the theme park experience,” Disneyland spokesperson Liz Jaeger said.

Oga’s is the toughest place to get into in the Black Spire Outpost village on the Star Wars planet of Batuu, the setting for the new 14-acre themed land. The cantina’s proprietor is Oga Garra, a local crime boss who controls the underworld in Black Spire Outpost, according to the backstory created for the cocktail bar.

The first public bar in Disneyland has been doing a booming business. The wildly popular spaceport cantina that generated hours-long standby lines and forced Disneyland to turn away patrons on opening day has since instituted a reservation system that quickly fills to capacity most days.

An Oga’s Cantina reservation can have an unlimited number of guests. Each person on the Oga’s Cantina reservation requires a $10 deposit. The fully refundable deposit will be forfeited for each no-show on the reservation.

The reservation system slots cantina patrons into a “buffer queue” outside the bar with a wait time of approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Bar patrons are limited to 45 minutes in the cantina and a two-drink maximum.

Touring Plans, which uses big data and statistical analysis to calculate daily crowd sizes and ride wait times at theme parks, estimates that Oga’s is admitting approximately 370 people per hour based on the capacity of the cantina. Touring Plans estimates that Oga’s Cantina is currently accommodating approximately 5,500 people per day.

You pay a steep price for the privilege of drinking in the new Galaxy’s Edge bar, even by Disneyland standards. The prices at Oga’s Cantina are as stiff as the drinks with beer flights costing $75, alien cocktails running as high as $42 and Blue Milk setting you back $13. And Oga won’t take galactic credits. You’ll need to pony up cold, hard cash or put a sizable dent in your credit card.

Alcoholic concoctions in Oga’s run $14 to $18. Specialty cocktails in souvenir mugs will set you back $32 to $42. Non-alcoholic drinks for the kids to sip on while their parents indulge range from $6 to $7.50. The four craft brews on tap are $12 to $13. A souvenir beer sampler stand and glasses cost a whopping $75.

The average price of the 20-plus drinks on the menu: $17.50. That means Oga is raking in between $96,000 and $192,000 a day in gross revenues, according to Touring Plans. That’s if everybody who enters the cantina has one or two drinks. Disney rarely if ever talks about food and beverage revenues or capacity numbers.

In a year, assuming the cantina’s popularity continues, Oga’s stands to bring in somewhere between $35 million and $70 million in gross revenues, according to Touring Plans estimates.

That should be enough for Oga to make a down payment on a house in the Batuu Hills. And take that vacation she’s been planning to Coruscant. Maybe even buy a new landspeeder.
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