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Disneyland Article
Is Haunted Mansion Really Haunted Consider The Mystery Of The Missing Shingle From The Holiday Gingerbread House

Haunted Mansion
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
September 06, 2019
September 10, 2019
It’s become a ghostly tradition to leave out a plate of shingle-shaped cookies for the spectral spirit that likes to swipe roofing tiles off of the holiday gingerbread house in Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion.

It started in 2001 when Disneyland installed “The Nightmare Before Christmas” holiday overlay on the Haunted Mansion for the first time. Every year the Disneyland pastry team would show up after installing the gingerbread house to find a shingle missing from the roof. Then one year the Disney pastry chefs decided to leave out a plate of shingle cookies for the hungry haunt.

“We set it off to the side and we let the ghost eat off of those,” Disneyland food and beverage project manager Karlos Siqueiros said.

The “ghost” was kind enough to leave the gingerbread house alone and the annual plate of shingles has become a Haunted Mansion Holiday tradition.

“Every year since we’ve had a plate of shingles just for the ghost,” Siqueiros said. “And they disappear.”

Is it a hungry cast member from the graveyard shift eating the shingles? Or one of the 999 happy haunts residing in the mansion?

“Well, this is Disneyland,” Siqueiros said. “So in my heart, it’s a ghost.”
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