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Disneyland Article
Painting Done New Orleans Square Spot Inches Closer To Opening

Tianas Bayou Adventure
Krysten Swensen
September 23, 2021
September 28, 2021
As the saying goes, “the only constant in life is change”, and that is true everywhere, especially at Disney Parks. Disneyland is always changing, growing, and adapting to bring the best experiences it can to Guests visiting its multiple resorts. One of those changes is happening in New Orleans Square at Disneyland and Disney is keeping Guests on their toes to figure out what is coming.

Inside the Magic visited Disneyland recently and saw that major progress was being made to the work being done in New Orleans Square. Until recently, scaffolding had been up around most of the area as changes are being made to not only the exterior but also to locations like the Le Bat en Rouge dress shop, which closed down in May.

The signs posted on Le Bat en Rouge — which don green and purple hues that are reminiscent of The Princess and the Frog and share messages that say “Something new is cooking!” and “Gumbo is the spice of life” — hinted to many that something themed after The Princess and the Frog could be making its way into New Orleans Square. A Princess and the Frog retheme had already been announced for Splash Mountain, which is right next to New Orleans Square, so pulling the movie even more into New Orleans Square made sense.

Now, it appears that the work being done at this former merchandise location in New Orleans Square may be inching toward completion! The scaffolding is down, and the new paint color definitely seems to tie into the popular film. And with the painting complete, it seems like a good sign that this location is inching closer to opening, though we don’t yet know when that will be.

Disney has still not said what will be taking up the space, but the signs have Guests conflicted as to what might be coming to the spot. Signs about gumbo have some believing a food spot, but another sign talking about dressing up (“Dress the part!”) has others believing a reimagined merchandise location will be taking over. As mentioned Le Bat en Rouge, a merchandise location that sold Disney dresses, accessories, and other fashionable products, was previously located here, so another merchandise location seems to be a likely

One other speculation among fans is that this location could become something similar to the Blue Sky Cellar located in Disney California Adventure. Blue Sky Cellar has been used to show Guests drawings and scale models of the work that is coming to the Park — most recently it showed how Paradise Pier was being transformed into Pixar Pier. Some Guests think that Disney will use the former Le Bat en Rouge location to show Guests more concept art and models of the retheming of Splash Mountain into The Princess and the Frog ride.

While Disney is keeping Guests in the dark, hopefully, the secret will soon be revealed. Until then, Disney fans and Guests will just have to keep the guessing game going!
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