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Disneyland Article
Historical Decoration Makes Its Way Back Into The Park
Ed Aguila
Guests have recently gone through a real rollercoaster after a piece of Disneyland History was allegedly stolen from the firehouse on Main Street, U.S.A.

As we initially reported, the story was shared by Jose, Baileigh, and Amber from TikTok, saying that the bell at the Main Street firehouse had gone missing. Many feared that a Guest had stolen this historical item, but no official information was released.

Disneyland officials quickly covered up the holes left on the wall by the removed bell, which didn’t help with many Guests’ concerns, as some started commenting that the bell was probably gone for good as they reminisced memories of ringing it with their families for generations and said goodbye to a decades-long tradition.

Fortunately, many Guests saw this iconic piece of Disneyland history make its way back into the Park as the bell was reinstalled at the firehouse on Main Street earlier today.

Many were excited and relieved to see the bell return, though some mentioned it was not the original bell but a replacement. One Redditor even commented, “That’s a different bell. I still have the original,” hopefully as a joke.

As of the publication of this article, no official information had been released by Disneyland Resort regarding this situation, but after seeing the bell back, it may have only been removed for maintenance, even though that doesn’t explain the rough work made when it was removed.

Again, Jose, Baileigh, and Amber were quick to update their viewers as well, sharing a video on TikTok showing the bell looking better than ever, freshly polished and with an updated mechanism to ring it.

It is shocking to see Disneyland officials and Cast Members quickly taking action to solve this matter and return a beloved piece of Disneyland history to the Park.

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