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Disneyland Article
Pixar Fest Will Soon Cartwheel Into Disneyland
Alysia Gray Painter
What to Know

Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort frolics from April 26 through Aug. 4, 2024

The event will include fresh additions, including scenes from "Turning Red" in "Together Forever — A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular" at Disneyland Park

A new Pixar sculpture will debut on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland Park; a ticket and reservation is required to visit the Anaheim theme park

Buzz Lightyear may be known for bravely shouting his memorable catchphrase — "To Infinity and Beyond!" — but we won't have to wait for infinity for one of the most animated and adorable festivals to arrive at Disneyland Resort.

In fact, Pixar Fest will open for its merry multi-month run in the heart of springtime, a seasonal moment that suits the sunny outlook of so many classic Pixar films.

April 26 is day one for the festival, which isn't an "infinite" amount of time to wait; once open, Pixar Fest will frolic through the rest of spring, and a good chunk of summer, too, closing on Aug. 4.

Special happenings, like the "Better Together: A Pixar Pals Celebration!" daytime parade at Disney California Adventure, will add fizz to the festival; the new Pixar Place Hotel will be a draw for fans, too.

How, though, to rev up that rollicking spirit during the chilly days of winter while treating Pixar-loving people to an early treat?

Here's how: By unveiling a sneak peek at a sizable, character-cute decoration.

The Disneyland team shared a snapshot on Jan. 2, one that shows a Main Street U.S.A. sculpture in delightful detail.

Ember Lumen and Wade Ripple of "Elemental" are featured, as is Mei Lee of "Turning Red." Russell and Dug of "Up" are part of the playful scene, as are Jessie and Woody, a treat for "Toy Story" devotees (so, that would be all of us).

Remy, Nemo, and other fanciful favorites are also depicted in the eye-catching artwork.

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