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Disneyland Article
Treats On A College Kid Budget
Jacquelyn Sharga
For Cal State Fullerton students, Disneyland is not a foreign concept. However, saving money while in the parks remains a challenge for most.

Although the material goods you acquire throughout your day are instantly gratifying, two crucial players in the Disney lifestyle game are often sidelined: your bank account and your stomach.

After paying sometimes over $200 to get in, many feel as if it’s not possible to enrich your inner child while at the parks without breaking the bank or starving. However, it is possible with some planning.

Here is a pocket-sized cheat sheet of options for an ideal day at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park on a student’s budget.

Food in Disneyland

Tucked away behind the Tiki Room in Adventureland is a jungle-themed restaurant called the Tropical Hideaway. With a nice seating area next to Jungle Cruise, you can sit and eat or grab and go.

A standout among their snack food is the bao buns with choices like the Plain Bao, Lime Chicken Bao and Spiced Vegetable Bao each priced at $6.49. In a land dominated by churros and ice cream, these bao buns provide a savory reprieve. The accompanying Bao Sauce is offered separately at $1.19, its portion often suffices for sharing with a small group of people.

The Mint Julep bar, found alongside the newly built restaurant Tiana’s Palace in New Orleans Square, has an array of refreshing beverages and sweet treats to choose from. While seasonal offerings vary in price, their famous Mint Julep drink is steadily priced at $5.99.

Another steal for those looking for sugary delights are the Mickey-shaped beignets highly praised for their taste, cuteness and price per quantity. Packs of three are $5.49 and the packs of six are $8.99; an affordable investment for those who need a boost during the three to five p.m. drowsiness window.

Food in Disneyland California Adventure

Craving a hot dog? Make your way down Pixar Pier to the Angry Dogs stand that offers two simple but satisfying options: the Angry Dog, a spicy all-beef hot dog that comes with a bag of Chester’s Hot Fries and the Slightly Annoyed Dog, a less spicy hot dog served with potato chips, both priced below $10.

For non-dairy consumers, the Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats, a hole in the wall also located on Pixar Pier, boasts an entire menu of non dairy soft-serve dessert options. Ranging from $5.79 to $7.49, these soft-serves, including the popular It’s Snow-Capped Lemon! priced at $6.29, provide a tasty and cost-effective respite The quick service and nice view off the pier provides a short but sweet cooldown from a long day at the park.

Water in both parks

Contrary to common belief, visitors are allowed to bring their own water bottles into the parks. Disneyland features refill stations in almost every land, with Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge offering two very accessible ones by their bathrooms. DCA provides two stations, located in Avengers Campus by Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Santorum and San Fransokyo by the Baymax-themed bathrooms.

Surprisingly, DCA proves to be the harder park of the two to budget responsibly in. Nevertheless, a magical and enjoyable experience is achievable at the Disneyland parks by staying hydrated, well-fed and financially mindful.

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