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Disneyland Article
Which Attractions Have Single Rider Lines
Heather Adams
While every visit to Disneyland is magical, there’s one pain point we can all agree on: No one likes waiting in exceptionally long lines. On busy days, attraction wait times can reach hours-long numbers, and unless you opt for the paid add-on Genie+ or an Individual Lightning Lane (if one’s available, that is), you’re simply stuck waiting. But if you’re visiting solo, there is a time-saving option: You can use the single rider line.

Single rider lines are a great alternative to hanging out in the regular queue. They allow you to skip most of the wait for an attraction, and this “back door” can be as quick as using Lightning Lane (or sometimes, even faster!), allowing you to hit more rides in less time. Learn more about single rider lines at Disneyland and how you can use them to your advantage below!

What is a Single Rider Line?

A single rider line is exactly what it sounds like: It’s a separate, specially designated line just for guests who are riding alone.

You don’t have to use the single rider line if you’re visiting Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park by yourself. However, if you’d like to skip the long wait, you can opt to use the single rider line.

If you’re visiting Disneyland solo, or as part of a duo that doesn’t mind being split up, single rider lines can save you a ton of time. It’s like cutting the line – except, since you’re riding solo, you’ll be able to be squeezed into any open spot inside the ride vehicle as these openings become available. When other guests board the attraction in odd numbers (for example, parties of three), leaving an open spot, Cast Members will pull from the single rider line to fill them.

So, as a solo guest or single rider, you can easily drop into a mostly-full ride vehicle and enjoy attractions with less of a wait!

Single Rider vs. Lightning Lane: What’s the Difference?

Wondering what sets single rider lines at Disneyland apart from Lighting Lane lines? While the two do share some similarities, the big difference is cost.

Lighting Lane entry comes with a per-person fee. You’ll have to pay either for Genie+, which starts at $20 per day, or for Individual Lightning Lanes for select rides, which range anywhere from $15 to $25 per person, per attraction.

Single ride lines are completely free to use, on the other hand. As long as you don’t mind riding solo and being placed next to another guest or party, you’re good to go! Plus, there’s no advance reservation or planning required; all you have to do is get in the specially-marked single rider queue.

Single Rider vs. Rider Swap: What’s the Difference?

Rider swap –– which is also known as rider switch or child swap –– is kind of similar to single rider. Parents who are visiting with little ones who may not be old enough, tall enough, or bold enough to ride certain attractions can do a rider swap, where one parent rides while the other waits (sometimes in the loading area, sometimes at the exit). When the first parent gets off the attraction, they swap places, and the second gets to ride without waiting in line.

However, there are a few key differences between rider swap and single rider. First, single riders have a designated line at certain attractions. You won’t wait with all of the other guests; you’ll wait in a far shorter line. If you’re utilizing rider swap, you’ll actually need to wait in the regular queue with everyone else until you reach the loading area.

Additionally, with rider swap, you’ll typically want to notify a Cast Member when you first enter the queue that you’d like to switch places. You may be given a physical “pass” that notifies Cast Members at the other end of the line about the swap. If you’re opting for single rider, you won’t need to do this at all.

Who Can Use Single Rider Lines?

Absolutely anyone who wants to ride an attraction as a single rider can use Disneyland’s single rider lines. However, you have to be prepared to ride solo –– and split up, if you’re hopping in the single rider line as a group!

When you use the single rider line for any attraction it’s available at, you’ll be warned by Cast Members that you don’t get to choose where you sit or who you sit with. You’ll be randomly assigned a seat in the ride vehicle based on space; that’s the reason this line moves so fast! As single seats become available when other guests board, you’ll be placed in those open spots.

So, if you’re visiting Disneyland or California Adventure with a group and you all want to ride together, single rider is not the choice for you. However, if you don’t mind being split up and riding separately, you can totally use this separate line!

And of course, if you’re at the theme parks by yourself and are truly going solo for the day, single rider lines are a great choice! They’re literally made for you: Someone who’s riding alone and doesn’t mind sitting next to others.

If you’re visiting with little ones in your party, or kids who may be scared or too young to ride alone, you won’t want to use single rider lines. It’s best to ensure you’re seated with younger members of your party, just in case.

Single Rider Lines at Disneyland Park

You can join the single rider line at the following Disneyland attractions:

Matterhorn Bobsleds

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Space Mountain

Single Rider Lines at Disney California Adventure Park

You can join the single rider line at the following California Adventure attractions:

Goofy’s Sky School

Grizzly River Run


Radiator Springs Racers


Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

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