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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Can Build New Attractions Up To 300 Feet Their Biggest Ever If New Zoning Is Passed
Charna Flam
Disneyland may be reaching new heights with future attractions!

A new zoning law currently proposed would allow for “three additional structural thematic elements (for a total of four) to have a height of up to 300 feet” within Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, per the resort plan.

The project, known as DisneylandForward, has been approved by the Anaheim Planning Commission but still needs approval from the City Council.

Currently, the parks are permitted to build one structure at a height of up to 250 feet. However, if DisneylandForward is passed, both parks could house two structures up to 300 feet.

Anaheim spokesperson Mike Lyster tells PEOPLE that in addition to the four structures, there could be ''two built along Disneyland Drive and one at the Toy Story Parking Area, should it be redeveloped.”

But Lyster confirms, “There are no proposals or specifics on any potential thematic elements at this time.”

Currently, there are no structures that are 300 feet at either park. Lyster confirms that the parks’ largest structures are Matterhorn in Disneyland and Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission: Breakout! in Disney California Adventure.

However, neither structure has reached the maximum height permitted in the park, which is 250 feet. Guardians of the Galaxy -- Mission: Breakout! stands 183 feet, while Matterhorn's height is 147 feet.

Along with the possible new structures, Disney would also provide a minimum of $1.9 billion investment into DisneylandForward.

The project would update rides and attractions, lodging, entertainment and shopping over the next 10 years. Before the project was announced in January, Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro teased the possibility of introducing attractions from franchises like Frozen, Coco, Black Panther, Tangled, Peter Pan, Zootopia, Toy Story and Tron at Disneyland.

In addition to updating the park, Disney has proposed several initiatives to serve the Anaheim community. The proposals include affordable housing, a three-acre community park, and street and transportation upgrades.

Additional City Council hearings regarding DisneylandForward are expected to occur in April and May.

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