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Disneyland Attraction
Adventure Thru Inner Space

Last Updated: July 15, 2024
Is visited by quests aboard futuristic "Atomobiles." Guests appear to "shrink" gradually for a journey into the exciting realm of the atom, followed by an experience with Miracles from Molecules. Entering a Mighty Microscope, visitors move right into a tiny snow flake, through walls of crystal-like ice and into the atom where the nucleus resembles a sun. After this enlightening journey into the atom, guests return to the "bigger world" where they witness modern miracles to make today's world more comfortable and convenient. This trip into inner space is provided by the highly versatile Omnimover WEDway Transportation System. It carries "Atomobiles," which move through the adventure without stopping, even when guests are boarding or leaving. Passengers step from a turn-table platform that revolves in synchronization with the slowly moving two-passenger cars. Presented by Monsanto Company.

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Construction: 10   Onstage: 16   Backstage: 1


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