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Disneyland Timeline Year
1971 Disneyland
December 1, 1971

December 20--At 11:45 PM Roy Disney, 78, dies from a cerebral hemorrhage.

Roy Disney, co-founder of Walt Disney Productions, passed away on Dec. 20, 1971. It is said that Roy added the essential complement to Walt's creative genius, providing the financial wizardry which made it possible for ideas to survive and grow. When he died, Roy was Chairman of the Board for the Company.


This was to be the year when one of Disneyland's most impressive achievements would be realized -- " THE ARRIVAL OF GUEST NO. 100 MILLION. Computations predicted as early as January that the 100 millionth visitor would walk through the Main Entrance in late spring, and plans were begun for a celebration to last throughout the summer season.

INVESTMENT: The total capital investment in early 1971 remained at the $128.5 million level.

ATTENDANCE: 9.4 million


Again, the world's biggest and best New Year's Eve party was celebrated with 23,000 guests on hand, the largest number for the annual event in Disneyland's history.

America's new "movable holiday" schedule began, which created a major, four-day holiday in February. Disneyland turned on the red-white-and-blue lavishly with the deeply stirring "I Am An American" ceremony at Town Square. The event commemorated Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays with Valentine's Day as an extra added attraction.

"Just for the ladies" was the theme and goal of Disneyland's initial "Cinderella Festival," March 3, 4 and 5. Four elaborate fashion shows, public tours of Park gardens and other specials of feminine interest were offered each of the three days.

Miss Valerie Suldo, a 22-year-old New Brunswick, N.J. payroll clerk, became GUEST NO, 100 MILLION at 11:13 a.m., Thursday, June 17, launching a summer long celebration featuring entertainment spectaculars.

Disneyland's Community Service Awards program, in its 15th year, honored 26 county organizations with cash awards totaling $35,000. The Outstanding Award was won by the Orange County Chapter of the American National Red Cross.


*His Royal Highness Prince Bhanu Yugala of Thailand (May)

*Deputy Prime Minister of Israel Yogal Allen (June)

*New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller (June)

*Vice President Fernando Lopez of the Philippines (July)

*Prime Minister of Cambodia Sirik Matak (August)

*Princess Atsuko of Japan (August)

*Sen. Mike Gravel of Alaska (August)

*Dr. Henry Kissinger (August, November)

*His Excellency Tun Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia (October)
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