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Macaroon At Disneyland

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Orange County Weekly

Dateline: July 18, 2011

Posted: July 20, 2011

The best-kept secret at Disneyland has nothing to do with Walt lore, secret VIP tunnels, or Club 33. The best-kept secret at Disneyland is that their bakeries turn out the best macaroons in Orange County. These are not macarons (one O)--not the French sandwich cookie. No, these are macaroons with two O's, the Passover treat that's essentially coconut mashed together until it coheres. Normally, they're ...

Machine Tooled Happyland

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Holiday

Dateline: October 1, 1965

Posted: January 1, 1997

The wondrous devices of Disneyland take on startling importance in the mind of a science fiction seer Two thousand years back, people entering Grecian temples dropped coins into machinery that then clanked forth holy water. It is a long way from that first slot machine to the "miracles of rare device" created by Walt Disney for his kingdom, Disneyland. When Walt Whitman wrote, "I sing the Body ...

Magic Carpet Malfunctions At Disney's Aladdin Show In Anaheim

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Los Angeles Times

Dateline: September 26, 2011

Posted: September 30, 2011

Cast members of "Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular" show at California Adventure had quite a scare Sunday after the magic carpet malfunctioned, leaving Aladdin and Jasmine hanging by their harnesses. Parkgoers quickly took to Twitter on Sunday afternoon to spread the news. Actors playing Aladdin and Jasmine, equipped with harnesses, were riding over the audience during the 4:45 p.m. show ...

Magic Happens At New Parade 9 Reasons To See It

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: patch.com

Dateline: February 20, 2020

Posted: February 27, 2020

Grab your mouse ears and head to the Disneyland Resort to drink in the most imaginative new parade to hit the park in many years. Disneyland is full of magic, and the new parade launching Feb. 28 will bring an all new type of spectacular to the park. Guests who pause along Main Street or along the route to take in the scene will see moments from favorite Disney films throughout the years. ...

Magic Happens New World Of Color Show Coming Next Year

Status: Current

Source: ktla.com

Dateline: September 12, 2022

Posted: September 20, 2022

During Disney 's D23 Expo in Anaheim this weekend, Josh D 'Amaro, Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products announced two all-new nighttime spectaculars will debut at Disneyland next year in addition to the return of the “Magic Happens” parade. As part of Disney 's 100th celebration, Disneyland will introduce multiple “limited-time” celebrations throughout the year. The celebration ...

Magic Happens Parade Returns On Feb 24

Status: Current

Source: ktla.com

Dateline: November 30, 2022

Posted: December 4, 2022

The “Magic Happens” parade will return to Disneyland on Feb. 24, the resort announced on Wednesday. The daytime event, which debuted in 2020 before the parks closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, features Mickey Mouse and other characters as moments from Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios films are brought to life, a news release said. The parade will ...

Magic Happens Parade To Cast A Spell

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: nbclosangeles.com

Dateline: February 13, 2020

Posted: February 18, 2020

Whether you've plunked down on a curb well in advance, or you've exited a restaurant to find a parade just starting, the feeling can be the same: Experiencing a Disneyland-style procession can seem as though a sparkly wand was waved in your general vicinity. And plenty of sparkle will twinkle along Main Street, as well as the entire parade route at The Happiest Place on Earth, when a ...

Magic Kingdom Legacy Cast Member Recalls Walks With Walt Disney And Imagineer Father

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Dateline: September 4, 2017

Posted: September 16, 2017

Darlene Kingsley grew up the daughter of a Disneyland Imagineer, and some of her favorite childhood memories are of holding Walt Disney's hand - Uncle Walt, as she called him - on her regular visits to the park. "This was that person you always felt comfortable to talk with," she said. " That was the norm for me." Her grandparents also worked for Disney, and so did the family cat, whose likeness ...

Magic Kingdom Not A Runway

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Poly Post

Dateline: February 3, 2009

Posted: February 20, 2009

Disneyland is home to a plethora of all things imaginative. It's everything a magical theme park should be. But let's face it - it's not a runway. On my last visit, I found myself constantly thinking, "How could she wear that?" Disneyland has now become a melting pot of the good, the bad and the ugly in terms of the choice of clothing visitors wear to the theme park. In order for ...

Magic Kingdom One Year After

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Disneyland News

Dateline: September 1, 1956

Posted: May 4, 2017

Above is pictured Disneyland as it looks today, some 14 months after the Grand Opening, of July 18, 1955. In that brief span of time the Anaheim Magic Kingdom has come to rank as the number one visitor attraction in the United States. It is expected that the Park will great its five millionth-visitor sometime during the current month. The now familiar "heart" shape of Disneyland makes it easy for the ...

Magic Worlds Of Walt Disney

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: National Geographic

Dateline: August 1, 1963

Posted: January 1, 1997

Disneyland really started more than 20 years ago, when Walt got the idea for an amusement park that grownups as well as children would enjoy. "I had all my drawing things laid out at home, and I'd work on plans for the park, as a hobby, at night." At the time, amusement parks were dying all over the country, "I talked Disneyland but no one could see it," Walt recalled. "So I went ahead and spent my ...

Magical Career Included Encounters With Walt Disney

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Orlando Sentinel

Dateline: May 25, 2010

Posted: May 28, 2010

Lee Biggins' third day on the job as a stage worker at Disney studios found him seated in a mockup miniature train being designed to transport visitors around Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. There was another passenger seated across from Biggins: Walt Disney. The year was 1957, and Biggins, at 19 and a new member of International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, was observing a design ...

Magical Memories

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

Dateline: April 30, 2005

Posted: April 30, 2005

Disneyland was built on a dream. And it was Walt Disney's dream that has made millions of wishes come true during the past 50 years. Hundreds of millions of wishes, really. And also special moments - first dates and honeymoons, birthdays and anniversaries, and fun days spent with kids and later with grandkids. Several weeks ago, we asked readers to recall their favorite Disneyland memories. ...

Magical Movement

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Press Enterprise

Dateline: August 15, 2006

Posted: August 15, 2006

The idea of the company began with a young boy's trip to Disneyland. From that it has become the largest animatronics firm in the world. As a youngster growing up in San Bernardino during the 1970s, Garner Holt convinced his parents to take him to the Disney theme park. "I went on the Pirates of the Caribbean," Holt recalled. "By the time I got off that ride, I knew that's what I wanted to do." ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Back At Disneyland

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: ABC7.com

Dateline: January 20, 2017

Posted: January 29, 2017

The iconic Main Street Electrical Parade is back at Disneyland. Disney die-hards lined up to see the memorable sparkle Thursday night. Many said they couldn't wait to hear the music and see the floats. The parade hasn't been at Disneyland since 1996 and came back to the park after spending time at Walt Disney World. "So nostalgic. I remember this parade from many, many years. I hope it has ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package And Merchandise

Status: Current

Source: thedisneyblog.com

Dateline: April 9, 2022

Posted: April 14, 2022

The “Main Street Electrical Parade” is returning to Disneyland on April 22, and to celebrate, the park is offering a dining package for guests, along with some new merchandise. The dining package includes lunch at the quick-service Plaza Inn with your choice of entree, beverage, and dessert, plus entrance to a reserved viewing area for the “Main Street Electrical Parade.” No price ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Forever End Limited Run Sept 1

Status: Current

Source: wdw-magazine.com

Dateline: July 14, 2022

Posted: July 17, 2022

Why are Disneyland Forever and the Main Street Electrical Parade ending at Disneyland? We 've got the inside scoop on these limited-run shows. In April of this year, entertainment came back in full force at Disneyland, with the return of fan-favorites like World of Color at Disney California Adventure and Fantasmic!, the historic Main Street Electrical Parade, and Disneyland Forever fireworks ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Disneyland Return

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: NBC Bay Area

Dateline: January 16, 2017

Posted: January 27, 2017

SEMI-SERIOUS QUESTION: Which is greater, the number of blinking bulbs in the Main Street Electrical Parade at Disneyland Resort or the number of times the parade's synth-sweet theme song has looped through your brain since you first saw it, live, at the Anaheim theme park? It's might be difficult to pin down, for A) there are thousands upon thousand of sources of illumination covering the parade vehicles ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Is Coming Back To Disneyland In 2017

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Orange County Register

Dateline: August 11, 2016

Posted: August 22, 2016

The Main Street Electrical Parade, a night-time fan favorite that rolled along Disneyland's Main Street, U.S.A. for years, will return in 2017 with its synthesized version of "Baroque Hoedown." A Disney official said its stay will be temporary but declined to put a time frame on the parade that features one-million-plus twinkling lights. He also declined to say if guests will be able to see the ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Returning For Its 50th Anniversary In 2022

Status: Current

Source: Palm Springs Desert Sun

Dateline: December 9, 2021

Posted: December 13, 2021

The Main Street Electrical Parade, "Fantasmic!" and "World of Color" are among guest favorites returning to light up the nights at Disneyland Resort theme parks in the new year. Also coming back are “Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular, the Lunar New Year celebration, Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival and expanded “Celebrate Gospel” performances. This marks ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns For A Limited Engagement This August

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: pastemagazine.com

Dateline: July 8, 2019

Posted: July 14, 2019

There have been a bunch of different parades at Disney theme parks over the years, but one looms above all others. The Main Street Electrical Parade, which first ran at Disneyland in 1972, is the theme park parade by which all others are measured-for better and worse. The legendary spectacle celebrates some of Disney 's most beloved characters with hundreds of thousands of lights with retrofuturistic synth ...

Main Street Electrical Parade Returns On Friday

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Orange County Register

Dateline: August 1, 2019

Posted: August 4, 2019

Fans of vintage Disneyland may like to know that the Main Street Electrical Parade is making an encore appearance there starting Friday, Aug. 2 through Sept. 30. This 20-minute-long parade with its half-million miniature lights and infectious synthesizer music starts at the beginning of Main Street, wends its way past the famous statue of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse toward the Matterhorn, ...

Main Street Is Historic Replica

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Disneyland News

Dateline: July 18, 1955

Posted: May 2, 2022

Nowhere else in the world but Disneyland can you turn back the clock to the turn of the century and project yourself onto a Main Street U.S.A. as a typical American small town actually existed in the period 1900-1910. Walking under a trestle over which the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad tracks run, the visitor to Disneyland, in the center of Town Square, where the Park's dedication ...

Main Street Magic

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Travel Agent

Dateline: May 19, 1997

Posted: May 19, 1997

Disneyland is kicking off the summer season with its new nighttime show, 'Light Magic,' which debuts May 21. The show replaces the Electrical Parade on Main Street, which has captivated crowds for more than 24 years. 'Light Magic' will feature four shows nightly on weekends and holidays. The Electrical Parade's half-million tiny, colorful bulbs that illuminated Main Street and Disney's army of characters ...

Main Street Rocks As Disneyland Resort Celebrates Spring

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: PR NewsWire

Dateline: April 24, 2009

Posted: May 11, 2009

Disneyland guests are dancing down Main Street, U.S.A., with Mickey Mouse and the gang in a high-energy show that celebrates spring at the Disneyland Resort. The party rocks with a new street show, revs up with a new dining experience and swings for six full weeks with Disney's California Food and Wine Festival. Valuable ticket offers and vacation packages add a big bonus to the new entertainment, making ...

Main Street USA Was Designed After Colorado Town

Status: Current

Source: denvergazette.com

Dateline: May 20, 2024

Posted: May 27, 2024

If it's your first time visiting Old Town Fort Collins and the architecture and charm seems familiar, you may be thinking of a certain Disneyland attraction - and it's no coincidence. Fort Collins is known for its lively arts and culture scene, craft breweries, and opportunities for outdoor adventures. A lesser-known fact about Fort Collins, however, is that the city helped to inspire ...

Maintaining The Magic

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Los Angeles Daily News

Dateline: April 9, 2005

Posted: April 9, 2005

Happiest Place on Earth? Not Disneyland on its opening day - not even close. People weren't even very happy trying to get to the new park on July 17, 1955, as cars backed up for seven miles on the Santa Ana Freeway. Meanwhile, at the park itself, rides broke down, restaurants ran out of food, and, thanks to a plumbers strike, there were no drinking fountains on a scorching summer day. ABC ...

Maintaining The Magic On Third Shift

Status: Current

Source: disney.com

Dateline: March 16, 2023

Posted: March 28, 2023

As the last guests are exiting the parks after an unforgettable day of experiencing state-of-the-art attractions known around the world, a fresh set of magic makers begin their shifts. While most people are familiar with a bustling Main Street, U.S.A., or energetic crowd in Avengers Campus, the cast members on third shift crews have the parks to themselves as they perform maintenance to ensure each ...

Make Disneyland The Healthiest Place On Earth With These Cleaner Eating Hacks

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: popsugar.com

Dateline: September 21, 2016

Posted: September 27, 2016

And look, a full day at Disneyland can easily get you 20,000 to 30,000 steps on your Fitbit (my stint yesterday got me 27,000 - about 11 miles with 2,500 calories burned), so honestly, you don't need to worry about it too much, especially if this trip is a once-a-year treat to yourself. But if you really are trying to stay on course (or you have an annual pass!), there are some surprisingly healthier ...

Make The Most Of Disneyland Anaheim California

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: hearldsun.com.au

Dateline: July 28, 2013

Posted: August 16, 2013

It's known as the Happiest Place on Earth. And judging by the wide-eyed look on my daughters' faces as we walked through the front gates of Anaheim's Disneyland Park, the statement is spot on. Wandering up Main Street USA, the central thoroughfare at the world-famous theme park, one of the first things we see is Sleeping Beauty's castle. It looms before us like a scene from a fairytale with its ...

Make-A-Wish Foundation And Disney Celebrate The 50,000th Disney Theme Park Wish

**RESTRICTED CONTENT**    Gain Access Here

Status: Archive

Source: Business Wire

Dateline: October 6, 2005

Posted: October 6, 2005

Christian Marlowe, a 5-year-old from Coos Bay, Ore., was all smiles today aboard a magic carpet when he, along with the Genie from Aladdin, a huge magic lamp and a special cake, arrived in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland for a ceremony in his honor. Christian is the 50,000th child to have a Disney theme park wish granted by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Disney. His special wish was simple: ...

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