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I was looking at one day and realizing the huge amount of content that we have that no other site has. The problem is trying to sort through all of it and put together a nice time line of the History of Disneyland. I also watched most of the Disneyland Historical DVD's available, official and unofficial. None of the DVD's seem to have the complete history of Disneyland including backstage photos and information about deaths and injuries, rare video clips etc.

Our first release was in 2012 since then we have added more attractions,resturants and parades. The series2012 release was 15 discs our series2016 version was 17 discs + a free update disc. With the series2016 version we switched from DVD's to a USB Drive. The reason we switched from DVD's to USB Drive was due to fewer and fewer DVD's drives being available.

We discontinued our 64G USB drive on December 31 2022. With our series2023 version we switched to download/streaming only. The reason we are switching from USB Drives to Streaming Version is due to fewer and fewer devices that can read/access USB drives.

Our series2023 Disneyland History Collection is NOW AVAILABLE as a Video Stream
Here are the new features for series2023:
  • We have drastically improved the Closed Captions
  • We have now included all Disneyland Shops.
  • We have added audio voice over for Restaurants, Parades and Shops
  • New pricing structure!
Comparison of previous versions:

series2018--Length Of Video collection: 30 hours
series2019--Length Of Video collection: 32 hours
series2020--Length Of Video collection: 34 hours
series2021--Length Of Video collection: 38 hours
series2022--Length Of Video collection: 41 hours

series2023--Length Of Video collection: 45 hours

This project has taken over 10 years to compile.

How Do I Stream series2023 Disneyland History Collection?

Everyone that purchased our series2022 version can stream our series2023 version for free!!
Make sure you are LOGGED IN

Click Here to Stream Our series2023

To Purchase Access to our series2023 version

How Do I Download series2018-series2021 Update

Do you already own a Disneyland History Collection series2018-series2021 and need to download your update?


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