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Disneyland Article
Disneyland Brings Back A Secret Menu Food To Hungry Bear Cafe

Slue Foot Sue Golden Horseshoe
Julie Tremaine
May 29, 2022
June 6, 2022
Before the pandemic, secret menu items were everywhere at Disneyland. If you knew what to ask for — or if you were just creative enough to make your own special request — you could find options far beyond what was on the regular menu.

The pandemic ended a lot of that (though there’s still a secret menu at Trader Sam’s). When I went searching for the legendary alien-style burger at Galactic Grill, I was told that the park hadn’t been offering it since its April 2021 reopening. But the other, more surprising way Disneyland ended most of its secret menu offerings? It started putting them on the real menu.

It happened at Schmoozies in Disney California Adventure, with the Make Mine Mocha milkshake (vanilla ice cream blended with cold brew coffee and chocolate sauce). It happened at the Golden Horseshoe with its formerly hidden mozzarella sticks. It happened at Refreshment Corner on Main Street U.S.A. with the firefly chips (Fritos covered in chili, cheese and jalapenos) and the chili mac and cheese bread bowl.

And it happened, finally, with the fried green tomato sandwich at Hungry Bear Cafe, which just landed on the new seasonal menu.

Of all the secret menu items I had heard about but never tried, the fried green tomatoes at Hungry Bear were the thing I most desperately wanted. When I inquired this past October about ordering them, a cast member told me that you used to be able to order them, but they weren’t available anymore.

But that was only part of the story. The whole truth is that Hungry Bear used to offer a fried green tomato sandwich nearly 10 years ago, and took it off the menu. That iteration was, according to the Disney Parks Blog, “a thick slice of cornmeal-crusted fried green tomato with fresh heirloom tomatoes and Havarti cheese topped with mango-jicama slaw and a drizzle of remoulade on a multigrain roll.”

The new sandwich, available as a seasonal offering (my guess would be through the summer, depending on how well it sells), is different. The new fried green tomato sandwich is, according to the menu, “cornmeal-crusted with blistered tomato relish, frisée and mascarpone spread on toasted sourdough.”

It was, in a word, delicious. I’m not a vegetarian, but I often order plant-based meals, and this was one of the best meat-free offerings I’ve ever had at Disneyland. The tomatoes were crispy and firm, the mascarpone spread was savory and creamy, and there was just enough of the blistered tomato relish that, though it had a big vinegary punch, it added some zing without overwhelming everything else. My favorite part, though, was the sourdough, thick-cut so as to be soft on the inside even though it was nicely toasted.

I ordered mine with fries, though you could also have onion rings or mandarin oranges as your side. Unlike some of the other vegetarian offerings I’ve had at the park — I’m looking at you, cauliflower sandwich from Red Rose Taverne — I wasn’t hungry again in two hours after eating it. I’ll be back again for this one. Hopefully, this time, Disneyland makes it a permanent offering.
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Coca Cola Refreshment Corner

Galactic Grill

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Slue Foot Sue Golden Horseshoe

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Main Street U.S.A.

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