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Disneyland Article
Give Bengal Barbecue A Try
Shannon Tuttle
Tucked in a corner in Adventureland across from The Jungle Cruise in Disneyland Park is the Bengal Barbecue. This eatery truly has an interesting menu for any adventurous park goer. There is nothing like it in Walt Disney World as it basically serves various types of skewers for guests to enjoy. There are a couple places at The Walt Disney World Resort that have skewers, but not at a stand alone eatery whose soul purpose is skewers like the Bengal Barbecue.

The menu boasts six different types of skewers:

Banyan Beef Skewer $6.99

Bengal Beef Skewer $6.99

Chieftain Chicken Skewer $6.49

Outback Vegetable Skewer $5.99

Safari Skewer (Bacon Wrapped Asparagus) $6.49

Pork Belly Skewer $7.99

My mother and I split a Chieftain Chicken Skewer which comes with a Polynesian Sauce. The chicken was cooked well and the sauce added to the exotic flavor that was to be expected at this eatery. Guests can see the skewers being cooked and put together.

Additionally, on the menu guests can get a Bengal Rice Plate where they can choose two different skewers over a bed of jasmine rice for $18.49.

Besides the skewers, I also read online the love for the Tiger Tail Breadstick ($4.49) which Disney describes as a tiger tail shaped breadstick baked with garlic, herbs, and sharp cheddar cheese. I found it to be quite delicious. It would not be my go to snack when visiting Disneyland Park, but it did hit the spot.

Guests can also obtain drinks, pickles (spicy and regular), pineapple spears, and a Hummus Trio at Bengal Barbecue.

Bengal Barbecue does have mobile ordering available for guests to use instead of waiting in line. Every time I passed Bengal Barbecue, there was a line. I think word has gotten out of the delicious variety of skewers and snacks. Next time you go, do yourself a favor and partake in these delicious skewers.

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