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Disneyland Article
Visiting Without The Kids Here Are Some Attractions To Ride
Tiffany T
Adult-only Disney days are something I regularly look forward to! There’s nothing better than strolling through with my favorite person, coffee in hand enjoying the sights and sounds of the Parks. If you are planning an adult-only Disney day, here are the best rides at Disneyland without the kids.

1. Buzz Astro

Challenge your partner to see who can get the most points and that person has to treat the other to whatever they want to eat in the Park! It will bring out the computer in you both! Make sure to grab a fast pass for this one, it’s one of the rides in Disneyland where the wait gets deceptively long!

2. Peter Pan’s Flight

Cuddle up in a boat and fly all the way to Neverland! Peter Pan’s Flight is notoriously a long wait (I don’t think I’ve seen it less than an hour in the last few years) but it’s such a sweet ride.

3. Train Ride

Take a leisurely train ride throughout the Park when you need a break. There are a few new views now that Galaxy’s Edge is open!

4. Mark Twain Steamboat

One of my favorite Disneyland rides without kids is the boat rides! Find a quiet corner or bench on the Mark Twin and enjoy a relaxing trip around Tom Sawyer island!

5. Haunted Mansion

Two fit comfortably in the Haunted Mansion cars so get close and enjoy the spooky sights and smells of this iconic ride.

6. Smuggler’s Run

This ride is pretty controversial in that a lot of the complaints were that it was too hard to pilot. Take on the challenge and try to pilot your ship with your favorite person!

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