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Disneyland Article
Hidden Peter Pan Ride Trick Is Such A Delight For Visitors

Peter Pan's Flight
Kathleen Joyce
April 6, 2023
April 9, 2023
With continuous innovations over the years, the Disney Parks have managed to keep their magic fresh and engaging for guests. Sometimes, though, guests get so engrossed in the big exciting changes that they overlook the special little Easter eggs scattered all over the park- and no, we're not just talking about the hidden Mickeys.

For example, did you know that there's a fun hidden secret to Disneyland's Peter Pan ride? Family vloggers @funwiththefackrells13 shows us the trick to uncovering this delightful hidden feature.

Cute! We feel you, Tink- who wants to be stuck in a lantern all day anyway? If you're waiting in the queue for Disneyland's Peter Pan ride, stop over near a lantern, open the "Play Disney Parks" app, and follow the directions to free Tinker Bell from her lantern! The app has compatible experiences with other rides and areas around the parks, including Galaxy's Edge, making it a great way to stay engaged while you're waiting in line.

Guests who are "in the know" love breaking out this trick and surprising the people around them. "We’ve done this before without anyone around us knowing and it’s so fun to see people’s reactions when they see Tinker Bell for the first time!" said @cfack13.

"Last year I was in line and someone was activating it with their phone, but other guests were convinced it worked by clapping your hands," laughed @scotty9833. LOL! We understand their logic, but these fairies have gone a bit more high-tech!

Naturally, the kids love it too. "My kids love this trick! What a fun thing to pass the time in line!" @becfack13 smiled.

Magical little gems like these are hidden all throughout both Disneyland and Disney World. Who knows which ones you'll find on your next visit?
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Peter Pan's Flight

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Star Wars Galaxys Edge

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