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Disneyland Article
4 Halloween Treats To Try This Spooky Season

Plaza Inn
Kathleen Lee
October 17, 2023
October 25, 2023
Don’t miss these frighteningly delicious treats found at Disneyland Resort only during the Halloween season.

Disney foodies would agree that spooky season at the Happiest Place on Earth is one of the best times of the year to treat yourself! The delicious snacks at Disneyland Resort are sure to please any trick-or-treater. Each year, the Disney culinary team creates some frightfully delicious options, and we are dying to tell you about some of our personal favorites.

Admittedly, I was inspired by Disney foodie Bri, the Magical Vlogger known on Instagram as @EatSeeMagic, to try some new sweets. So, I grabbed my broomstick and flew to the park to see what the fuss was about. Here’s my all-treats, no-tricks review of the spooky season sweet eats you must try this year!

1. Poison Apple Funnel Cake Fries

Where to Find It: Award Wieners, Disney California Adventure Park

Price: $9.99

Starting in DCA, head straight to Award Wieners in Hollywood Land. The poisoned apple funnel cake fries are to die for! Dusted with cinnamon and sugar, The funnel cake fries are topped with candied apple compote, whipped cream, sour apple glaze, and garnished with rainbow gummy worm candy. For just $9.99, this treat is something you won’t want to miss this season. The funnel cake fries were hot and fresh, and the candied apple compote gave it a nice, sweet flavor to balance the tartness from the sour apple glaze. The whipped topping is thick and creamy! If you like apple desserts, you might enjoy this twisted treat!

2. Halloweentime Churro

Where to Find It: The Redwood Creek Trail Churro Cart, Disney California Adventure Park

Price: $7.25 Here’s a festive fall treat for espresso lovers! Inside California Adventure, head to The Redwood Creek Trail Churro Cart, and you’ll find the Halloweentime Churro. It is rolled in coffee-flavored sugar. The churro is topped with coffee-infused chocolate sauce, seasonal sprinkles, and whipped cream. What I loved about this churro is that the coffee flavor isn’t too overpowering. Bri attested to not being a coffee lover but enjoyed this treat.

For the shortest line, go earlier in your day. The only question is: How early is too early to enjoy a coffee-flavored churro?

3. Black Forest Bundt Cake with Chocolate Spider

Where to Find It: Plaza Inn, Disneyland Park

Price: $6.29

On Main Street USA, the Plaza Inn is known for its infamous chicken dinners. Did you know they also make dangerously delicious cakes? The Black Forest Bundt Cake is one of my favorites for the presentation alone. It comes with a Chocolate spider for your ghoulish delight. For $6.29, you’ll get a moist, fluffy cake stuffed with cherry filling decorated with chocolate ganache and colorful Halloween sprinkles. The bundt cake is topped with chocolate mousse and a chocolate spider web for a creepy and cool touch.

4. The Grave Stuff

Where to Find It: Red Rose Taverne, Disneyland Park

Price: $6.79

Last but not least, I went to Fantasyland to try the Grave Stuff because it’s… well, delicious! The Grave Stuff is just like the traditional Grey Stuff from Beauty and the Beast with a spooky twist. The Grave Stuff comes with a tombstone chocolate decoration and Halloween sprinkles.

While you’re stopping by Red Rose Taverne in Fantasyland, you might also want to try another Halloween treat: the Pumpkin Cheesecake Cold Brew! The Grave Stuff goes perfectly with the Pumpkin Cheesecake Cold Brew ($6.29). This cold brew is flavored with pumpkin, vanilla, spices, and whipped topping for a festive drink to wash down your treat.

Vloggers like Bri showcase the highlights of Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort by taste-testing different dishes and giving their honest reviews. But you don’t want to miss out yourself; explore new treats this season firsthand when you head to the parks! The best part? You have ample time to savor these spooky delights on your next visit to the Disneyland Resort.
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