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Disneyland Article
Best Spots For Making Tiktok Videos
Steve G
TikTok has become hugely popular in recent years, with people creating fun 15 to 60 second videos set to music. Disneyland is a prime location for making engaging TikTok content. Guests are allowed to film TikTok videos throughout the Disneyland parks and resorts. When deciding where to film your Disneyland TikTok videos, it’s best to choose locations that are less crowded so you don’t disrupt other guests or block walkways.

Quietest Places to Film

Main Street Cinema – This small theater rarely has crowds, making it perfect for filming dances or challenges. The vintage cinema seats also make a fun backdrop.

Court des Anges – The secluded courtyard in New Orleans Square offers shade trees, benches, and little foot traffic – ideal for recording solo or with a friend.

Hungry Bear Restaurant Outdoor Seating – Overlooking the Rivers of America, this area is consistently quiet and peaceful, with beautiful natural views.

Grand Californian Hotel Lobby – The grand, spacious lobby filled with plush couches allows ample room for filming. You can even order refreshments.

Other solid options are the Animation Courtyard at California Adventure or Redwood Creek Challenge Trail in Grizzly Peak.

Most Scenic Places

Pixar Pier at California Adventure – Offers colorful, vibrant views of the Incredicoaster, Toy Story Midway Mania, and other rides set against scenic Paradise Bay and the Pacific Ocean.

Grizzly Peak at California Adventure – Provides beautiful natural backdrops of forests, rivers, and mountains surrounding Grizzly River Run and the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.

Rivers of America at Disneyland – Scenic waterway with options like the Mark Twain Riverboat, Columbia Sailing Ship, canoes, and wooded trails along the riverbanks.

Main Street USA at Disneyland – Charming, old-fashioned small town views of the entrance promenade lined with shops and attractions.

New Orleans Square at Disneyland – Picturesque themed land evoking vintage New Orleans French Quarter architecture and Mardi Gras colors.

Other scenic spots cited include Cars Land at dusk, Paradise Gardens Park at night, Sleeping Beauty Castle walkthrough, and Mickey’s Toontown facade. Areas with beautiful lighting, iconography related to rides, or water views tend to be popular backdrops.

Best Rides to Film On

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – An immersive 15+ minute experience with impressive special effects, animatronics, and set design that makes for dramatic video footage.

Radiator Springs Racers – Offers scenic views of Cars Land and an exciting, fast-paced race component ideal for action videos.

Incredicoaster – This rollercoaster provides opportunities for fun reaction videos, with fast speeds and loops.

Pixar Pal-A-Around – Allows capturing an incredible view of the entire Park.

Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission Breakout – Video can showcase the randomized ride experiences and music, particularly the intense drops.

Other top options include classics like Space Mountain, Indiana Jones, and Big Thunder Mountain. Rides with strong theming, speed, or iconic Disney features tend to make the most engaging video subjects.

Tips for Making Food TikTok Videos

Keep it simple – Focus on one food item at a time. Simplicity helps videos be easily consumable and go viral.

Make it fun and engaging – Incorporate humor, interesting edits, music, and movement to capture attention. Over 83% of TikTokers have created their own videos, so inspire them.

Use top-down camera angles – Show every angle of the food. This optimized mobile viewing angle provides information quickly.

Highlight food details – Use good lighting and show all toppings and side items.

Tap into trends and seasonality – Connect content to popular food crazes and seasonal events that spark interest and searches.

Collaborate with creators – Partner with influencers to expand reach and authenticity. Combine organic content with paid partnerships.

Encourage easy participation – Inspire viewers to come and get their own.

Post consistently – Regularly upload new videos to build an audience and get more views. Short form content requires constant stimulation.

When filming your TikToks, be sure to avoid blocking walkways or intruding on other guests’ experiences. Additionally, never try to defeat safety measures on rides just for more dramatic footage, as Disney has warned this causes unsafe conditions. With so many fun backdrops across the Disneyland Resort, it’s a prime place for making engaging TikTok content – just be sure to do it safely and courteously!

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