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Disneyland Article
Food By The Numbers Millions Of Churros Hot Dogs And Mickey Pretzels
Orange County Register
Brady Macdonald
Disneyland food and drinks take center stage in the second season of the “Behind the Attraction” documentary series on the Disney+ streaming service.

“Behind the Attraction” takes a by-the-numbers look at the many theme park treats produced each year by Disneyland – and eaten by Disneylanders.

During the Disney food episode, the show offers a behind-the-scenes look inside the 10,000-square-foot Disneyland Central Bakery production kitchen where a team of 100 bakers create tempting treats for the entire theme park resort.

The star of the show was the Grey Stuff from “Beauty and the Beast.”

Disneyland Resort Executive Pastry Chef Jean-Marc Vialett recounted how Disney bakers dreamed up the flavor profile of the animated dessert using chocolate mousse flavored with crumbs atop a cookie base.

“It became one of the most successful desserts ever in the Disneyland resort,” Vialett said on the “Behind the Attraction” episode.

Let’s take a closer look at the number of food and beverage items sold annually at the Disneyland resort:

24 million meals (2018)

12 million kids meals (2018)

4.4 million churros (2018)

4 million hamburgers (2001)

3.4 million orders of French fries (2001)

3.2 million servings of ice cream (2001)

2.5 million hot dogs (2018)

1.5 million boxes of popcorn (2001)

1.2 million gallons of soft drinks (2001)

More than a million Mickey waffles (2017)

More than a million Mickey ice cream bars (2017)

More than a million baked goods (2023)

890,000 Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzels (2018)

547,500 Mickey macaroons (2023)

Hundreds of thousands of turkey legs (2023)

236,000 apples (2018)

The “Behind the Attraction” episode on Disney food revealed that every year Disneyland sells millions of churros and baked goods along with hundreds of thousands of turkey legs.

Disneyland cranks out 1,500 Mickey macaroons a day – equal to more than half a million a year, according to the show.

Over the past two decades, Disneyland has released statistics on the number of popular treats and foods created annually at the theme park resort.

In 2018, Disneyland broke down the annual number of meals, churros, hot dogs, pretzels and apples consumed at the parks, according to Disney Diary.

In 2017, the Disney Rewards Visa card revealed the secrets behind the 7.9 million Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles and 5 million Mickey ice cream bars sold annually at the Disneyland and Walt Disney World resorts.

In 2001, Disneyland boasted of the millions of hamburgers, boxes of popcorn, orders of French fries, servings of ice cream and gallons of ice cream consumed each year by hungry fans, according to Yesterland.

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