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Disneyland Article
Do Not Skip This Improved Ride In Fantasyland
Zoë Wood
When it comes to visiting Fantasyland at the Disneyland Resort, most of us feel a connection to the nostalgia of the area. Containing four classic Disney Dark Rides, the land actively reminds me of my childhood with some of the first rides I ever experienced. The area is split up into two sections: Peter Pan’s Flight, with a typical 30 – 60 minute wait time, and everything else. One attraction that falls into the latter category is Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, and there is a good reason that you should stop skipping this ride.

Prior to the 2021 re-imagining of the ride, it was named Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Even though it regularly appeared on my must-do list, it was a one-and-done sort of experience. The dark themes, outdated effects, and confusing ending to the attraction’s storyline (which mirrors that of the Snow White film) didn’t leave you begging for more like the neighboring attraction, Peter Pan. The ride reopened a few years ago with a new concept that was lighter, brighter, and had more of the Disney magic carved into every turn. The reason why I am bringing this up now is because, for me, this attraction had started to appear on my most skippable list. When I am in town for a short amount of time, squeezing in some Disney hours (sometimes not even full Disney days), I’ve got to keep my priority list lean and mean. My Disney confessional today is that, recently, Snow White’s Fantasyland Dark Ride had not made the cut.

Earlier this month, I had a few days to spend in the area, and I had the opportunity to re-experience some of my old favorites. In case you are wondering, there is no amount of time that will encourage me to get on the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage or the Disney California Adventure Golden Zephyr. Those are a no from me. I digress. I took the teens for a spin on Snow White’s Enchanted Wish, and I couldn’t believe what I had been missing. It’s beautiful, to say the least, and unlike many of its dark-ride friends, the story is in sequential order and makes sense, even if you have not seen the movie. Aside from being a far more modern presentation with new technology and enchanted effects, there has been a shift in the balance from this mostly dark-themed attraction to a more even-keeled journey through the storyline. Added scenes from the mines and more of a happy conclusion bring the light-heartedness of this classic tale back into the frame.

Now, if a little part of you is sad that you can no longer scare the socks off your children with a dark ride, that can easily make many youngsters cry. Don’t worry; you can always pass on that trauma torch with the help of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, keeping that slightly disturbing Disney feel alive!

Have you been skipping Snow White’s Enchanted Wish? It’s worth waiting the 10 – 20 minute queue for!

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