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Disneyland Article
This Affordable Food Hack Is Actually Genius
Julie Tremaine
Some Disneytok hacks are absolutely terrible ideas that create problems in the park. Some actually work (and save you money). But this is the first time I’ve ever watched one of those videos and said, “Oh damn, I need to try this.”

The food hack in question isn’t so much a secret menu item as it is an ingenious combination of two beloved foods in the park. Here’s the Disney math: Take cheesy garlic pretzel bread, add one Banyan Beef Skewer, and make a sandwich greater than the sum of its parts. The bread is available at Edelweiss Snacks (across from the Matterhorn) and Maurice’s Treats (off the hub, across from the Royal Theatre). For $7.49, you get a fairly large piece of bread filled with cheesy garlic spread. It doesn’t taste particularly like pretzel bread to me, more like crusty French bread, but the absolutely delicious combination of cheese and garlic more than makes up for that. It’s even pre-sliced and wrapped in foil, ready to be pulled apart and shared (if you’re some kind of monster who would share such a delectable treat).

Once you’ve secured your bread, you take it over to Bengal Barbecue in Adventureland, where for $6.99, you can get a Banyan Beef Skewer, a kabob with three good-sized chunks of “hot and spicy” (more like zesty and flavorful) grilled beef.

It’s so simple but so smart. Just un-skewer the beef and make it into a sandwich with the garlic bread.

To give you an idea of how popular this combination has become, consider this: As I was waiting in line to place my order at Bengal Barbecue, I overheard a party of four behind me. “I don’t see the bread on the menu?” one said. The sandwich has become so ubiquitous on #Disneytok, people now assume that it’s part of the regular offerings at the kiosk. “How do you order it?” another said, scrolling through the Disneyland app and trying to find it. (Don’t worry I helped them figure it out.)

On the day I finally tried it out, I really wanted to explore my options, so I also got a Chieftain Chicken Skewer ($6.49), with chunks of grilled chicken in a Polynesian sauce. I liked both combinations, but the beef was the clear winner.

For just about $15, I had a carby, cheesy, garlicky lunch and the satisfaction of hacking Disney food for something new. Three chunks didn’t fill the whole bread, so I cut my beef into smaller pieces for a better ratio. If I were doing it again, I might add an Outback Vegetable Skewer ($5.99) to the beef for more texture and nutrients.

I would love to tell you that the combination offers huge savings, but the cost is about on par with other sandwiches at Disneyland. The toasted cheese with tomato soup from Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe on Main Street is $13.99, and the quesabirria toasted cheese with consommé is $14.99.

That said, the bread is so large that it would easily make two sandwiches. Add one more $6.99 skewer and make yourself a shareable lunch for about $22. As far as Disneyland food prices go, that math is definitely working in your favor.

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