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Disneyland Attraction
Casey Jr. Circus Train
A colorful, gay circus train that puffs up hill and down for a view of Storybook Land. Casey thinks he can -- and he does -- make a happy journey with guests in colorful circus gondolas. Guests take a ride around the Storybook Land Canal Boat area aboard the Casey Jr. Circus Train from the Disney Animated Classic, Dumbo.

Dates Open:
July 1955 -- 

Replaced By:


Construction: 5  Onstage: 46  Backstage: 5


Ride Layout:
Ride Map

Ride Duration:
3 minutes

Deaths Injuries:
Deaths: 0   Injuries: 1  

USB Drive:
Chapter 2  Time Point: 00:00:27

Video Length:

Video Excerpt:
Youtube Casey Jr. Circus Train
Casey Jr. Circus Train

Movie Tie-In:
Dumbo   External Link

Google Maps:
Casey Jr. Circus Train   External Link

Casey Jr. Circus Train   External Link

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