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Disneyland Attraction
Tom And Huck's Tree House
Enter through the hallow tree trunk to a secret hide-out high in a tree overlooking Rivers of America. Legend tells us that many moons ago, lighting struck this tree and caused three waterfalls to spring from its roots and The 3 Falls became the headwaters of the Rivers Of America

Dates Open:
June 1956 -- 

Replaced By:


Construction: 0  Onstage: 12  Backstage: 0


Ride Layout:

Ride Duration:

Deaths Injuries:
Deaths: 0   Injuries: 0  

USB Drive:
Chapter 2  Time Point: 00:46:35

Video Length:

Video Excerpt:
Youtube Tom And Huck's Tree House
Tom And Huck's Tree House

Movie Tie-In:
Adventures Of Tom Sawyer   External Link

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