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Disneyland Article
Disney Pass Price Hike Is Unacceptable

Author:Eduardo CastaƱeda
Dateline:October 20, 2015
Posted:October 26, 2015
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Oops! Mickey and his friends did it again.

The Disneyland Resort increased the prices of its Annual Passports for the second time this year.

As an annual passholder, I'm not surprised, but I will not renew my pass when it expires.

The Disneyland Resort is notorious for raising its prices, but this season's price hike is unacceptable. The new price hike removed the Premium pass in lieu of two new variants: the Disney Signature annual pass and the Disney Signature Plus annual pass.

The Disney Signature is similar to the Premium pass in terms of benefits but has blocked out dates from Dec. 19 to Jan. 2. The Disney Signature Plus shares the same benefits and has no blackout days.

The price increases for annual passes are believed to be a result of the resort's future Star Wars expansion. The resort may have also instated the price hikes to reduce the crowds in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Since the Premium option was removed, Premium passholders cannot renew their passes. They are expected to either upgrade to one of the Signature passes or downgrade.

What's most frustrating is that the resort created a pass that excludes guests from entering the parks during the last two weeks of the holiday season. Are you serious, Mickey?

The Deluxe pass used to be the pass that guests could purchase if they wanted to avoid the end of the holiday season. The pass still exists, but you cannot add parking to it.

Disneyland's most loyal guests will pay whatever price Disneyland Sets.

The theme park knows that its guests will upgrade their passes in order to avoid paying the parking fee, which increased to $18 per day.

Although a rumor exists that a second parking structure may be in the works, all I can imagine is more traffic. The parking situation at Disneyland is nowhere near as bad as it is here at Cal Poly Pomona, but a second parking structure is not a bad idea. The only harm this project can bring is an increased parking fee. This would affect the lower-level passholders and leave top-tier passholders unaffected by an increase.

If the resort continues to increase its prices in the near future, a better alternative may be to work for the resort.

Working at Disneyland offers you free entrance to the park as well as the opportunity to bring in guests for free.

All Disney Cast Members also receive a higher discount than annual passholders do. It's a win-win for workers.

If working at Disneyland doesn't appeal to the average Joe, and he or she does not want to purchase an annual pass, then farewell. It's sad to think that many guests will no longer be interested in attending the resort because of its high prices.

Going to Disneyland is not impossible, but it seems like the park is making it harder for guests to attend.

This year may be the last for many passholders if they do not plan to purchase a new pass when their current one expires.

This is definitely my last year purchasing an annual pass until I make enough disposable income to purchase one without thinking twice. A college student's funds can only provide so much.

Praying that prices will go down will most likely not work, but it's worth a try assuming Disneyland still has a soul.

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