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Disneyland Article
8 Things From Disneyland’s Past That Need To Come Back

Carousel Of Progress
Mercury News
Robert Niles
January 16, 2018
January 31, 2018
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With Disneyland kicking off its retro-inspired "After Dark" event this week, here are eight things from Disneyland's past that I wish I could see return to the park someday.

Helicopter rides from the airport - Yes, you once could fly in a helicopter from LAX straight to the Disneyland Hotel, soaring above Southern California's notoriously traffic-choked freeways. Sure, a one-way helicopter trip to the park probably would cost as much as an annual pass if it ever came back, but every time I'm stuck in a huge line of cars waiting to get into the Mickey and Friends garage, I get envious.

The fort on Tom Sawyer Island - As a kid, Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer Island might have been my favorite place in the world. The original immersive theme park attraction, Fort Wilderness was my generation's Wizarding World, and playing make-believe in the fort would have consumed my entire day at Disneyland had my parents not dragged me away to go on some actual rides.

The Golden Horseshoe Revue - As far as I am concerned, no theme park ever can have too much live musical entertainment. And an ever-so-slightly saucy vaudeville saloon show is as perfect a fit for Frontierland as I can imagine. Not everything has to feature Disney's cartoon characters. Right?

Country Bear Jamboree - On a hot summer day, I miss not being able to sit down in the dark and cool off while watching the bears. Disney produced three versions of the Country Bears show, but I'd love to see what Disney could do with them now with some modern animatronics, projection mapping, and a fresh generation of songs.

Captain Hook's Galley - Fantasyland's pirate ship got squeezed out in the 1983 renovation. Big ship, plus play area, plus tuna sandwiches were a winning combination for me when I was a kid and I'd love to relive that memory again. If Disney needs a fresher animation tie-in, perhaps it could build Prince Eric's ship over on the old Motorboat Cruise lagoon and tear down those ugly Light Magic towers in the way?

PeopleMover - I would love to be able to take that aerial tour of Tomorrowland again, and heaven knows Disneyland could use another crowd-eating attraction like this to reduce overall wait time in the park.

Carousel of Progress - Let Walt Disney World keeps its installation of the 1964 World's Fair original that once played in Disneyland. I'd love to see Walt Disney Imagineering create a new version for Tomorrowland's Carousel Theater, with scenes from the 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd centuries - but all keeping the Sherman's Brothers' delightful "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" theme song.

Returning the Astro Orbitor to top of the PeopleMover station - This rocket-ship Dumbo ride is fun, but it was a lot more fun when it was perched high above Tomorrowland, instead of blocking the ground at its entrance. Why not give the kids a better view while helping to clear one of the park's worst foot-traffic bottlenecks?
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