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Disneyland Article
Secret To Making Your Wait In Line Fly By

Author:Kelsey Goeres
Dateline:April 10, 2018
Posted:April 10, 2018
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Disney parks are a lot of fun, but waiting in long lines all day is the price we have to pay for that fun (well, that and the ticket fee). When you're really excited to get on a ride, the line can feel like it's taking forever. So the next time you're feeling bored or antsy in line at Disney, try some of these tips to help the wait fly by.

1. Look for hidden Mickeys

What better way to pass the time at a Disney park than to look for hidden Mickeys? Disneyland and Disney World are filled with hidden Mickeys (Disneyland alone has about 1,000), and the chances of you and your group spotting a few from where you are in line is pretty good. Make it a competition, and see who can find the most.

2. Take a snack break

Waiting in a long line is the perfect opportunity to refuel with a snack break. Packing snacks from home is definitely the more economical option. But if you didn't think ahead in the snack department - or if you're all out - try to grab a snack from a nearby kiosk before getting in line.

3. Map out your next move

While you're waiting in line, use the time to map out where you want to hit next. An efficient trip to Disney is a successful trip. "The My Disney Experience app is a great resource for this if you're at Disney World," according to Wesh 2 News.

4. What's been everyone's favorite ride so far?

Go around your group and have everyone say what their favorite ride has been so far. If multiple people have the same favorite ride, try to hit that ride again before heading home (that is, if everyone's up for it, and the line's not too long)!

5. Bathroom break

In an ideal world, everyone would go to the bathroom between rides. But if someone really needs to go, and the line is of the extra long variety, have them sneak out when you're still toward the back to use the restroom.

6. Play games

The best way to pass the time as you wait in line is to play games with your group. Ellen DeGeneres' Heads Up! App is a common game you'll see people playing as they wait in line - it's so fun, sometimes even strangers jump in to give hints or guess. Then, of course, there are the classics: thumb wrestling and I spy.

7. Rest your feet when you can

When you go to Disneyland or Disney World, you're not resting for very much of the day. Really, you're only sitting when you're eating or on a ride. Even just standing in line can be exhausting. When you can, take advantage of the time to rest. Even if you're just sitting on the ledge outside Expedition Everest for a few minutes while you're in that part of the line, take advantage of the moments you can rest your feet.

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