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Disneyland Article
Show Features Flying Buzz Lightyear Floating Up House

Sleeping Beauty Castle
Orlando Sentinel
Dewayne Bevil
April 11, 2018
April 17, 2018
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There will be a few unusual sights in the air when "Together Forever - A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular" debuts at Disneyland this week. Mixed in with the usual fireworks and projections onto Sleeping Beauty Castle will be a flying Buzz Lightyear and the house from "Up" moving across the sky.

The new show is a part of Pixar Fest, a limited-time celebration of the studio's films, which will have activities in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme parks.

"Together Forever" features only Pixar characters, starting with Buzz Lightyear flying up, down and around the spires of the castle. This is normally Tinker Bell territory.

"It just seemed appropriate that we should find an icon that was very Pixar, that kind of put a stamp on it - this is a Pixar-only, singularly Pixar fireworks show," said Susana Tubert, creative director for Disney Parks Lives Entertainment, on the day after the final late-night dress rehearsal last month.

"We also felt like Woody and Buzz were good icons to kind of bookend the show" she said.

The nightly, after-dark production delves into the friendship themes of Pixar films from 1995's "Toy Story" through last year's "Coco." A montage of projected characters - think Joy, Sadness, Dory, Lightning McQueen and others -- illustrate stages of friendship such as first meetings through chance encounters, "falling in like," adventures and lasting bonds.

The visual buildup leads to a house, tethered by dozens of balloons, floating behind the castle, "Up" style.

"That film just pays off the emotion. It was very important to us to provide an emotional experience," Tubert said.

"A lot of Disney films are heroic with big musical scores. That's not Pixar. Pixar is emotional. It's relationships," she said. "So the little house became thematic of that everlasting relationship between characters."

A couple of physical factors at Disneyland produce challenges not found at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Sleeping Beauty Castle is smaller than Cinderella Castle, so there's less of a blank canvass / projection space during a spectacular. And there's less elbow room for spectators at the foot of the West Coast icon.

That will be combated for "Together Forever" by essentially simulcasting the images onto the park's "it's a small world" show building, onto water screens on the Rivers of America and on some facades along Main Street.

In addition, bonus visuals will be shown along Main Street. Tubert referred to it as the story leaping off the castle.

"Wall-E and Eve will be flying around you," she said.

Imagery inspired by "Coco" will also be seen on (and above) Main Street.

"You'll see the skeletons dancing, you'll see the skeletons crossing on the bridge, and then they will appear on the rooftops," Tubert said.

"Together Forever" debuts April 13 as part of Disneyland's launch of Pixar Fest, which continues through Sept. 3.
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